Friday, December 28, 2007

back here!

i m back!
i went to few parts of china n den to hongkong!
It was good!!!n i had fun...although in china it was super cold! and i got sick!
But it was still fun...
When the wind come,i shiver..even with a few layers of clothes also still shiver...
The weather is super cold n dry! Luckily my lips did not bengkak,thanks to nivea lip balm! hehe...
But my skin are super dry now...
Visited a few parts of china n then went to hong kong..
Hong kong was disneyland!!!!and shopping lo..
Really shop till u drop there!
My mother is a shopaholic! Last minute also still must shop! aih!
i get myself the remote control mini helicopter! but kecelakaan yang amat sangat!
cannot fly wan,what the F???
N we also went to those streets like pasar malam wan, omg damn alot of ppl there,but the things there cheap!
I didnt buy alot la,anak baik wert..haha
In hong kong everything is fast,u have to walk fast! elevator also faster, ppl drive also fast...
the life is super fast...
oh,in hangzhou i went n watch this show i think bout song dynasty if i m not mistaken,
Got dancing,n aerobatic ;fly here n there,n the effect wuiyo! fuiyo! speechless...really super good, u will go wah n wah n wah.......

So, now i m back in tpg n going to leave for kl in about one week time...aih,college starting..
study study study...n results coming out!
So now must relax in TAIPING before college start!
gdnite ppl...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

something new?

I am going to miss my bolster!
I am happy tonite,y huh? Duno le, no reason can bo?
anway, i m always happy when i m in TAIPING!

I am again listening to hokkien songs...
Seriously, i got alot of things to blog about actually but now i kinda forget everything!
I am suppose to be sleeping now,but i just cant sleep!
Ok, i will blog about my new found hobbies...
1) Fishing(can test my patience)
2) Mahjong ( I dont play with money one ah, just to get my mind to think more!)
Actually,only two...Mahjong is nice, i realise that when we play mahjong with a good mood,den sure will get good tiles wan, n den can win,den mood better den win sumore! So, play mahjong with good mood!
That day i was Mahjonging with my mother n sister,n they were quarreling bout something my sister did when we were mahjoging, i just ignored them n sing n smile n laugh n guess wat, i actually wont that round! hehe...
Mahjong is good for our brain,can prevent alzheimer's! Trust me this is real...
So now i got more reasons to play mahjong. Not only that, we actually exercise cause we move our hand,hehe...Mahjong is also known as swimming, Swimming without water, Swimming on the table!
I think my results is coming out soon,when exactly i duno,but i m nervous le,
duno y nervous so fast!
no more to bs!
I m not going to blog for a while...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

green green post

I get hungry very fast,n get full very fast...
Something is wrong with me, first i cannot sleep n cannot wake up n now dis is happening!
oh,god!N now my mother is complaining that i spend too much on food!
so how? Dont eat so much lo,but hungry how? Not only that,they also say that i eat alot,i must control my self. Shit lo,like dat..i am fat...
I am now listening to some old chinese song cd that belongs to my mother, n i find some songs quite nice,n some sound funny, n some just obitchacha ( this is a new word i learned from one movie,the word means outdated)...but biasala old song kan...
Nowadays i like hokkien song, emmm ac that started when i watch this singapore movie 881: the papaya sister. After that i started looking for hokkien songs, they are actually not bad u know,
some really good sumore. Those songs are actually very meaningful! The wordings ha,wah lau...
Selama ini my english is broken n now its super broken. I tend to mix in almost every language i know when i m using english, abit hokkien, abit malay, abit mandarin??? aih,duno la me..
N all the las, n los..oh,no! i think i must read more to improve my super broken english to be not so broken n some day to be not broken at all!
Once,when i was in high school, after school reopen n the first exam for my english paper i have to write essay, n i actually wrote using shortform english, not the whole essay but apart of it.
I wonder what will happen when the next sem starts n i hav to do the assignment n all.
My friends came to tpg on thursday, n we went to tesco twice in one day, n got accident in the car park...omg! only car cedera la,orang orang semua selamat...
N its been raining almost everyday n almost all mother say its long life rain..
Raintown sememangya raintown...
Oh,n my mother got one pants for me, when i c the pants i m speechless!
N i think my stomach got some problem,i can feel my stomach very hot duno y,aih...
I went fishing on weds n thurs,nice! But i din get any fish, the fish ate the bait but i get no fish.
I was actually waiting for the fish to get hooked,but i duno y that never happen...
Bait gone no fish...My friend told me that i have to get the fish to be hooked,by pulling the string once i c the fish eating the bait,i did it on the second day but still no fish,aih...
Fishing is to test my patience,n that shows that i have patience =)
I've still got alot of thing that i wan to do in tpg, but not done yet...
Its just really nice being back in this beautiful hometown of mine, T.A.I.P.I.N.G

Sunday, December 09, 2007


i Just wrote one whole post, n it just dissapeared when i click the (publish post),because of my super dumb dumb connection at home
n now i m super frustrated! really damn shitty when dis kind of things happen!
n now i m in new club using the wireless.
Now i have to type everything all over again?no that is not goin to happen i m goin to cut short everything,n hope i stil can remember...
At last, Something interesting n happening happened in tpg!
N that is BBQ in my uncle's house yesterday nite! I had been bugging my cousin n aunties to have the BBq it been bout one year no bbq d! Almost everyone was there, its consider as family gathering also...
I just like it, althoh i m actually quite lazy to "burn" the food, but i just like bbq,duno y,weird me.
Maybe its the get together that i like, the talking the jokes the bullshitting, n more lame lame things...
Maybe i really am lame...nvm
but sometimes burning the foods is also fun!haha...
My sister likes burning the foods,n this sister i am refering to my youngest sister,my younger sister doesnt go near the fire! She is just so "siu jie"...
ok, my youngest sister is knocking on the table asking me to leave d...
Taiping is Beautiful!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I m back in Taiping.
Once u stop blogging,u dont knw wat to blog when u want to...
N that is happening to me now.
so,nothing to blog...
c tomoro got anything interesting happen anot,den i will have something to blog about.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Its over

Finally,exams over...
The way i wrote that,look like so long exam,haha actually two days only.
N this first semester in business passes quite fast,actually.
I m stil in kl, usually this pencinta Taiping,will go back straight on the day after exam finish,
but this time i stay, n next week only going to meet my beloved Taiping.
I actually was typing this yesterday,but the connection got cut off,n i cannot post it, So now i forgot wat i want to blog d.
ok, what happen dis few days?after i finished my exams..
erm,nothing much, went out with lixuan cos shes here in kl..
went to redbox in curve on wednesday,right after my exam finish, Ya, just two of us! Sing like shit n dun hav voice !
Next day : Thursday went to one u to watch Enchanted! The movie is nice, all the singing n also the innocennity (does this word exist?n did i spell wrong?anway,nvm!)
Its a happily every after fairtytale kinda movie.
Did some shopping after dat,okla not bad not very good.It was Okay.
N friday went to mid valley...
OH, n when i went to mid valley with her i just got so many things that i wan! but go no money...
Nowadays, i just feel like changing my whole wardrobe with new tops n bottoms! i duno y i got this feeling,just out of a sudden!
In my dream that will happen,in fact alot of things will happen in my dream!
emm, i think one day i will blog about in my dream..but not now cos have to think first.
I drove all the way to puchong today n its actually not that far after all...just one straight road.
N i m really sleep rite now,n i stil cannot sleep cos stil hav to do something n i dun think anyone will be interested to read this post! anway i will post this so that i can read it in the future! about wat happen after my sem 0ct2007 exam!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

kebodohan dan kegeraman

i m so angry n geram at my stupid self!
how could i do this to myself,din study when everything is just there right in front of my eyes!
dumb,stupid n bodoh punya ezen!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jantung or Hati?

Heart is Jantung in malay.
We usually use our heart to describe our emotions n ;
We will usually say:
My heart is pain,My heart is sad, My heart is breaking, My heart is missing someone, My heart sense something.
n the list goes on...
Translate those in B.M :
Sakit Jantung, Jantung saya sedih, Jantung saya patah, Jantung saya merindui seseorang, Jantung saya merasai sesuatu.
Doesnt those sound weird?
Cause we usually say :
Sakit Hati, Hati saya Sedih, Hati bagai nak patah, Hati saya merindui seseorang, Hati saya merasai sesuati or naluri hati.
This sounds better rite?
Sakit Jantung as in heart attack is okay la,but as in u know not the medical sickness, so it sound weird, N naluri hati, u dun use naluri jantung dont u?
N if u translate hati in english is Liver.
Then it will be :
Liver Pain, My Liver is sad, My Liver is breaking, My Liver is missing someone, My Liver sense something.
Liver Pain is not meant for the physical pain, its an emotional pain n it doesnt sound right for that rite?
sounds damn weird.
We use Hati and Heart to describe emotions but jantung n liver just doesnt sound right!
Its just the opposite of one another...
This is just small things that we might not realize, that is why we keep on using it!

What happen today?
I overslept! n i was so super late that i dont have to go to the first class,
luckily got friends,n they told me what happen in class.
This cannot sleep n wake up syndrome is too much!
but now i m not that angry at the syndrome.
I hope i can got back to the normal sleeping condition!
I actually loved accounting just now, miracle...haha
Do i still love it now? I dont know n will find out later...
Finished class at 4, watched teevee for a while just now n i am now here blogging.

To Let Go

To let go isn't to forget, not think about, or ignore.
It doesn't leave feelings of anger, jealousy or regret.
Letting go isn't winning and it isn't losing.
It's not about pride and it's not about how you appear,
And it's not obsessing or dwelling on the past.
Letting go isn't blocking memories or thinking sad thoughts,
And doesn't leave emptiness, hurt or sadness.
It's not giving in or giving up.
Letting go isn't about loss, and it's not defeat.

To let go is to cherish memories, but to overcome and to move on.
It is having an open mind and confidence in the future.
Letting go is accepting.
It is learning and experiencing and growing.
To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, made you grow.
It's about all that you have, all that you had and all that you will soon gain.
Letting go is courage to accept change, and the strength to keep moving.
Letting go is growing up.
It is realizing that the heart can sometimes be the most potent remedy.
To let go is to open a door, to clear a path and to set yourself free.

*written by-Tiffany Appleton

What has Ezen got to say :

This is something dat i read from a book.
Something positive bout letting go.
i posted this last year in my friendster blog, just happen to read it n decided to post it here.
Its easy to say or write but when you're going through this its not as easy as how its said or written.
Anway this shows dat letting go is not dat bad after all,its not like we're going to die or end up suffering from depression for the rest of our life.
It is just something that will happen in life.
I m sure alot of people will have to face this,the only difference is whether it happened sooner or later in life.
So Just face it n move on,n we'll be fine.
The memories can be kept n cherished.
Nothing wrong with dat...Its accepting.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sleeping n Waking up

I cannot sleep at night and i cannot wake up in the morning...
I hate it when that happen! That is just so shit!
I get super frustrated when this happen!
Its like doesnt make sense! N its damn sickening n tiring!
When i want to sleep i cannot sleep,
When i want to wake up i cannot wake up...
Just super hate it!!!
I hope n hope n hope n dont want this to happen again dis week!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Don't look back, Got a new direction.

That is exactly what i m going to do!
No more turning back, i m furthering to my new direction!
Something happened today, n that struck me, that is y this is goin to happen now!
I got a new direction, a direction that i don't even know how to get to!
But i am going to figure it out, n the key to my new direction is again patience...
I know that this time i am so going to make it happen.
Shit happens in life, so no turning back,no regrets...
New direction here i come!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I just finished watching the series,n now its study time!
i HOPE i can SIT N STUDY tomorrow!
I woke up late,since i m already late i just take my time, n of cos i reach college late, but nvm.
I tried studying in college,but still cannot really concentrate although i m in the library.
Still got distractions like, hp n sleepy n bla bla bla.
Teruk la me, in the library no one to talk to also still cannot concentrate! aih...
I've got no class on Friday, but i had alot of things that i wan to do, eg; wash my car!
Lets see what will happen!

This few days i had been thinking of something.
Something that i had not thought of for quite sometime, n just suddenly comeback to my mind recently. I keep on asking myself y, think back? But i just couldn't answer myself. Its quite sad n sometimes frustrating. N when i try not to think, thats when more things will come in n make the thinking greater! Or am i not being honest with myself thats y all this is coming back to me?
The mind is the greatest,
n as i know mindfulness is very important.
But sad, i m not mindful enough. As i said before, i m unpredictable that make things worse.
Nvm maybe i m still on the way to find my trueself, and by then i will understand myself,maybe?

I think should be la.yes i know and i agree with u, its awful when that happen, and i would rather not reminded. But already reminded, i also duno la. u know wat?
Just Let it be, that will be the best thing to do. Since i cannot do anything.rite?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


It is one in the morning, n i am sleepy but i just feel like blogging, dont know why.
So here i am posting this before i sleep.
Its already the 2nd last week for this semester, holiday is coming in 2weeks time! yay!
but before that finals, n that is in about one n the half week time,hahaha... STUDY ezen STUDY!
I got no class today, so i should be studying since finals is coming! but i did not! what did i do?
I slept until about 12 or 1,forgot d.
Then went online, then go buy lunch late...
Next i sat in front of the tv watching tvb series until about 8!haha...wonderful ezen...
After having dinner, i went to pick Atin from Lcct. Reach home about 11 sumthing n i continue watching the series until just now...
Thats the bad side of having the whole series, so if i didnt finish watching that, i know i wont start studying! So better STUDY ezen!
I really cannot sit down n STUDY, y cannot huh? But everytime when i m doing something, eg; driving, that time i have the semangat to study. Its like when i m driving i will plan that : oh, later after i do this n that i want to study. But when the time come i wont study!
I think i need to discipline myself! how? Can someone teach me? anyone?
someone special, any suggestion? =)
i m super sleepy d.

Monday, November 12, 2007


i saw someone in green from head to toe today.
and that reminds me of someone.
I love the colour green alot, so i will notice anything in green.
But today, what i noticed remind me of lady in green.
Did not happen for quite sometime,just today ... came back to my mind.
Little things that we see everyday will somehow remind us of someone.
Its strange sometimes when almost everything that we see will somehow remind us of that same someone.
Does that mean anything?
oh,god i dont know! can someone let me know?
How does it feels like when that happen?
I dont know how to describe that, too complicated for me to understand although i've experienced that before.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

unpredictable me

I m now in taiping,but going back soon...
Anway, its okay cause i will b coming back soon...
Another 2 more weeks to finals,uh-oh...I have to study! aih...but will i?
I am kinda worried for my exams, no use worrying ezen, STUDY!
I just bought the dvd,n i know i will b watching that,haha!NO! should not!cause i should be studying!SHITED...
I've got alot of things in my mind just now,but now i cannot even remember to write...NO! NO!

I just cannot expect what will happen next,cause i m just too unpredictable...
I dont even know myself deep enough, thats sad u know. One minute i will be like this and then i will be something. I thought this, but after so long i became that back again, i hate not knowing myself deep enough,when i should be the one that know myself! Maybe its not me, My heart is the one that knows everything and i dont understand my heart deep enough. My heart is always making me unpredictable.
But i know that after all this hu-ha i am a person that is .......
What can i do? nothing. So, how? Wait ezen, patience ezen. I dont want to wait and i dont want to be the person that is .......Can i not be the person that is.....? I dont know n i doubt my heart will know.
Ezen is tired, but stil keep on hoping and at the same time Life Goes On..
Maybe i am already forgotten,and i am the only one that is still hoping.
Oh,this is making my life miserable...
done and out!
*no smile today too tired to have one

Monday, November 05, 2007

How do i feel?

What do i feel today?
happy? satisfied? dissapointed? sad is a nono...
happy came, dissapointed came for a while, but at last i m satisfied and happy.
The important thing is the end of the day.
hahaha...the end everything is good.
what more can i ask,when i am actually happy with everything.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I've got assigment to finish and i am lazy,how?tak tau...
Hows my mid term?i duno how to answer...
Hope everything goes well...
its a sunday today!just woke up n i am goin out later

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sleepy, Tired, Lazy n Stress

i was so so so tired n sleepy today. Got class at 9 today,n i woke up only at 8.30..haha
I managed to reach college at 9.15 so late abit only,nvm...
Went in to the class n first thing i want to do is to sleep, The cushioned chair in the auditorium so comfortable, Makes me more sleepy. At that moment, i was thinking in my head, it will be like in heaven if i got my bolster,comforter n bed! Just woke up n thinking of sleeping again, thats me when i m back in kl. When i m in taiping i dont sleep much, When i m in KL woo...i sleep like omg!
I was sleepy the wholeday in college, the next class i was also sleepy, i can hardly open my eyes. I have to like force my eyes to open,that kind le...teruk..
Then i fell asleep just before the class at 2 start, at least can sleep abit la. Then i had to pay attention cause lecturer revising, got mid term gonna ....
I havent really studied just like look here n there abit, hope i can answer. Nowadays i am just too too too super lazy, really cannot make things done one!especially study, izit the result of too long holiday?
At least i did not feel sleepy after the lil bit sleep before class n can concentrate, everytime when the lecturer do revision sure i semangat wan to do account wan, n i think its not super hard i think i still can manage la, but when i reach home, *poof the semangat just hilang...N i got this semangat to want to sleep. So i slept,i told myself to wake up at 6 sumthing n i woke up an hour later, ezen sememangnya the great in sleeping! When the days that i got no class i can actually sleep until 2 or 3...great anot? Wah,Now i semangat blogging eh,i've been writting about sleeping,tiredness n laziness,quite long also huh..not bad!
If i say the mid term n the assignment n the studies is stressing me, u all blif anot?
If u look at me i think u dun think i m stressed,but i actually am STRESSED!
Something is not right with me, sometimes i will be so bersemangat to study but the next minute *poof the semangat to study is gone n i m onlining or sleeping or watching teevee or cleanin my room or watever that is not studying...
I want to go back Taiping next week, wee!
I want to eat the tai chian fried rice, chicken wing, n alot sumore la!
I want to go siang malam.
I want to see my ama.
I want to go home...
But i m also worried,cos i thot if i stay in kl den i will study but i think thats bullshit cos if i stay here also i wont study wan.Cause in another 3weeks time its my finals!dat means when i come back from tpg i will only hav 2 wks to study, that time must really study! Cause my another cousin wedding is in taiping n i m going back at the weekend before my finals..scary rite? But thats life la, tak kan la i dun wan go...Sure must go! In life always got things bercanggah wan, tapi wat to do....Have to work hard hard lo...lalala
i gotta go memupuk semangat to study d. BYE!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Holiday ended

What can i say?
Holiday ended, n started studying for the past 2weeks...
next week is goin to b week number 3!another 4 more weeks to go n exam! OH...oh...
n after exams, holidays!!!!hahaha....just finished holidaying n here i m thinking of holiday! adakah patut?
This is goin to be a short sem,n that means everything is so packed n fast, n by the time i notice that, it had already past...
Hav to work extra hard(as if i will)...

Had been dreaming of ... for the past few nights, what is dis dream about huh?
Might be because of my thought la...

Just before my holiday ended, theres my cousin's wedding =)
Then i went back here for like about a week, den went back tpg got raya holiday 4 days only..
better than nothing la...
den came back here..n here i am blogging..
This semester 1 year 1 i n business, i got three days of classes per week..but the classes back to back wan n damn tiring...
I found out something..
when there is more days that i got no class, that means on those day i have to study wan,
but did i?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fire * Api

So, do i know or not? i think i know d.
Anyway no need to know about that d, the next thing...
Fire, what is fire?
in this post today i m going to talk about fire.
This fire i m going to talk about is no ordinary fire,
This fire has some other the imaginary fire in our life
N this fire is happiness n also ...........
Everyone has their own fire, the difference is whether the fire is big or small or dying or bla bla bla...
To me n sum of my friends this fire is important...
The bigger the fire the better it is for us, how to make the fire bigger? hahahaha
la la la =)

Monday, September 24, 2007

i dont know wat i want,
wait..i think i know wat i want,
but wat i want is ; is that too much?
i dont know how to describe my self,
how could i do this to myself?
how can i not understand myself?
i thot i shud b understanding myself deeper than everything,
n more than anyone else do...
But y is this happening to me?
Do i know or Do i not know?




Tuesday, September 11, 2007

nothing to say

Had been holidaying for the past two months..
My holiday is goin to end in a few weeks time...
How i wish my holiday will be forever!!!! =)
In my dreams that will be!
I had been thinking of wat i will want to do after i graduate,n i got beautiful plans.
But for now i will keep that in my mind, n will only bring that out after i finish my studies, n thats another three more years...
My life right now is taiping, taiping n more taiping...N i hope that taiping n taiping n more taiping will forever be in my life!

Friday, August 17, 2007


just smile...heehee
i got my results,n i passed everything!!!!
the worrying for my results is ending!!!
got more holidays....
=) again...

someone special,
=) =) =) this is for u! i hope u smile too!

i start with a smile n i will end with one too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

mind is not working right

Today is wednesday...
and my results coming out dis friday...
i m worried...
i really wan to pass!everything!!!
u know wat?
i m enjoying everydat i had in tpg,eventho i m doing nothing...
n i stil want this to continue!!!
please make it happen!!!
one more thing..
i dunt know wat to
ask my heart, i wil let my heart tel me wat to do...
someone special, any suggestions...

Friday, August 10, 2007


Why is the title of this post JAMBU?
i just feel like naming this post jambu, maybe its because of the jambu i ate just now..
I love jambu...i can eat alot of jambu at once...n also watermelon with salt! good...
ok now,y am i blogging about fruits?
today went pretty well, i bought this spongebob thingy from mcds, its like the tissue thingy...
but the tissue box in my house cannot fit in the dat cause its too big, must go n get the smaller one...
something bla bla from me again ;

e :I really want this holiday to continue forever.........
z: if this holiday continue forever then the future wont comes!
e :I want this to be forever then i will be young forever, i dont need to work,
just be like wat i am now, holiday n holiday =)
z: ya, right. Eventually u will be bored of that and want to move to the future.
e: No, i like nono..i mean i looooovvveeee my holiday life, how can i be bored and move to the future? u know its like this is my now! my now is everything!hehe..
z: This is my now, as in this is ur now...but u r moving to the future thats y its called now now and then then,got it?
e: whatever u say la!!!

-the end-

~to: you =) frm:me~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


i just cut my hair this afternoon....
how izit??? i duno....
i got rough hair!
n i really want to pass everything so that i can stay in taiping!!! please let me pass!
i really need to pass!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

green green ezen

hello people!
i m sorry for not blogging.
watched 200 pounds beauty n i just love the songs! beautiful song!beautiful ppl!
i dunt know wat to do now, so i m sitting here blogging but dont know wat to blog
OH, i was supposed to blog about the party which i prepared!
everything went well, dat was like two weeks ago!
eventually i din cook alone, got people help!my sister,cousin...pinah n eejane also help..
so it was okay,sumore its like cook abit bit only, and mizen ordered outside food also!
n i m done with that!
what happen somemore?
ermmm....i was sick on last friday but now i m getting better n going to be well d...
Went to karaoke saturday nite, i was actually shouting n not singing! so lost my voice after dat,fortunately my voice was back to normal the next morning,hehe...
Had fun there!
I think i m really going to miss this holiday in taiping! Nothing much happen everyday, n its usually the same routine everyday, to some this may be boring, but i like this!hehehe...
i just like it , and dun know y!
I just Love Taiping!!!heehee =)

something for someone special : Have a nice day =)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


i m going to prepare for mizen's party!
that means i m going to cook! wonder how will everything turn out to be?
haha...should be okay, its not as if i dont know.
Sumore cook abit only!
Will blog about that later!
Gotta go out n buy what i need!
bubye ppl!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

nothing much & Taiping Lake Garden

Seriously, i really dont know what to blog!
I m on holiday so, that might be the reason for me not knowing wat to blog!
Or maybe its because nothing much had happen?
But nothing much ke? alot of thing ke? still tpg is the best!
Why is on holiday make me duno wat to blog? It is because usually people who are on holiday will have this holiday mood. What kind of mood does the holiday mood portray? Usually people will be restless, lazy, doing nothing n just enjoy, relax n bla bla bla...
So thats y la, how can a person that is restless,lazy n bla bla bla know wat to blog? rite?
N if i blog about what happen everyday also, i know u people will be super bored!
So better think of something else than that to blog,rite?

Taiping Lake Garden is the best place to be around!
Those that had been there would know how beautiful that place is, i get to pass by lake garden everyday, can u imagine how bahagia is dat for me?heeheehee =)
People that had been there will know!
i will post the picture of beautiful Taiping Lake Garden when i get the picture!
Soon but not sure when!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today = Sunday!
Sunday is the day where most of us take our time to do things that we want to. No rushing, no school...Sunday is a holiday. To most of us Sunday is the day for us to relax!
To me, Sunday is like every other day cause i m on holiday!!!heeehee...
But abit different,cause my parents at home n everything is usually slower on a Sunday!
Seriously, i dont know what to write,dats y i come out with sunday!
This one will be about my sunday since i duno wat to write...
Woke up at about 9 this morning.
My ulcers still hurts. The oralpress or oralpaste of watever its name is not working good!
I think i better go n get oral aid! Cause really pain when i eat!
Then send mizen to tuition, buy breakfast den went home.
My parents sent lixuan to Ipoh, and came back after i reach home.
Was supposed to pick up mizen at 11,but she came back earlier,dun have to fetch her.
She was sick, sent her to the clinic.
Buy Lunch and went home.
Take my bath and went to the police station with my mother.
Made a report.
Then went to my ama house.
Went back home n went out for lunch.
Then got back home, and sit in the house doing nothing...n now here i am blogging about my wonderful Sunday.
Later might go to sportlite if ther is no rain...
N there goes my Sunday!
No matter how bored i am in taiping!
Being in Taiping is still the best =)
Spending time is Taiping is always fun!
n thats all for today....
bubye ppl!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Havent been blogging for the past almost 2 weeks, because of my laziness n the modem in my house keep on disconnecting. That really mengeramkan me!!!damm!
but nevermine,as if i will blog if the connection is good! ha! But since i m so free now i shud b blogging, i will BLOG!
For the past almost 2 weeks there are a few happenings...
I went to the hospital, and realised some things...
I am actually not malang, i m actually kinda lucky n shud b thankful of wat i have...
I m thankful for wat i have now!
Some coincidences happened, unexpected incident happen! n those are goods one at last!
After those coincidences, i realise that my life is not that malang n berobstacle after all! heehee...
N i will not give up! Life is full with obstacles, without those then life will be dull! I m going to just accept watever that is happening in my life! Not gonna complain that i m malang or wat so ever!
I had three ulcers in my mouth! pain! pain! pain!
Suddenly stopped n go browse thru frenster n now i duno wat to write! My mind is blocked!
Fine nvm,will blog next time!
something for someone special : cheer up :)

-people i need ur help! please visit my blog more! i will update!!!
thankq! =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I m now back in Taiping...
Before i blog about Taiping, i will blog about Thursday first.
I was so excited for Thursday to come, why am i excited?
1) exam finishing!
2) i m going back to taiping.
3) the most important wan the patience plan!
So did anything happen on that day?
Lets start from the morning...
I woke up at around 6 sumthing,and got ready...Cannot be late cause exams is at 8!
I think that day was the day dat i woke up the earliest in KL!
Went to college,n reach there quite early...Have to wait for the main block bus cause too early bus not yet start berjalan...
Then got there n revise abit n its 8 n went in to take my exam!
two hours after dat i finished my exam!
That was the moment that i had been waiting for! I was very happy..
but something put me down! but its okay! The "patience" thingy at last..nothing happen cause....aih
But i believe when there is a will there is a way! So, i will make dat happen!!! altho its going to long to make that happen! but i will cause i believe in my self!!!
That was a huge disappointment but i WILL NOT GIVE UP!
I am prepared for the worst so Ezen is NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!
That is just a disappointment, its just a small obstacle for me !!!
It doesnt matter how long will it take for me to make dat happen! i wont give up!
At least now i know the surface ad! thanks to joanne beckham!heehee...
After that i drove back to tpg, all d way! Tiring, backache and all la. Thats y din blog on thursday...
Now lets talk about taiping...
Taiping is great like always. Rain n rain...The weather today is so sun! Its so cold outside! So nice! Lake Garden is beautiful like always...Everything is great here!
Its a great place to relax n for me to spend my holidays here. But if got nagging den aih...
But now stil okay! So i m very happy now, its just great to be back in taiping.The foods.the people.Gotta go! will update gain tomoro!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


One more paper to go n thats it,i m done for semester number four. But wait...How do i feel? That i will write about on thursday? Last weekend i was so excited for monday to come so that i can finish the first two paper fast n move nearer to thursday. But i was not excited when i finished my second paper on monday, i feel nothing just blank. Its as if it doesnt matter anymore. I had some thoughts at that moment, i was thinking how will my life be in my future? How is it going to b like when i start the business dgree? What will happen when i graduate? What will i do? Those thoughts flooded my mind for a moment... Thats not the feeling i expect to had after finishing two papers, i should be happy n excited n relieved n blablabla, u know the usual ezen! But this time its different, i wonder why? I really dun know why suddenly those thoughts hit me! hit ezen u know, the usual ezen wont think of these thing, its just i wil live my life now, who cares wat happen in the future? But dis year suddenly the future hit me,y? Mayb thats sumthing to hit me n make me think of the future not the present only! Its like whoahh... Mayb thats just some process to make me more mature..heehee

After that moment, i am back to my normal self, i am happy n a lil relieved that there is only one more paper to go,but stil not dat excited as i was before! i hope that i will b as excited as i was on thursday! I didnt EAT before i finish my exams,dats so unbelivable, so after that i went to visit joanne beckham n had lunch with her, n of course discuss about the "patience" for thursday..hehe..I stil cannot make up my mind yet!

Nowadays, i realise i will think very hard before i make a decision! think of the consequences n all. That is good i know,but thats a very different me, yes i do think last time but i wont think so hard like i do now. Mayb its because i've learnt my lesson from a super duper bad experience! Its so unexpected!Its like will be more careful the next time! But i m happy that i know the truth now,n i can let go and just leave evrything behind! i m very proud of myself for that. hehe...

Its one sumthing am,lets talk about yesterday dats tuesday, the weather damm hot. Even at nite its so warm, omg whats happening?I hope tpg is not like this! I cannot even sit in the couch n watch tv peacefully,cause its so warm n i was sweating n sweating! Even the fan's speed is the high its still so warm, the wind is hot the air is hot!!! but luckily there is sumthing called air-con in this world. Without it i think i die of extreme-hotness! I went swiming cause its so hot, but after swiming, its even hotter right after i shower i was all sweating d. Can u ppl imagine how how is the weather? N even after i showered, the smell of the clorine still stays,imagine how much clorine those ppl put inside the pool. omg, the smell is so unbearable! ok ppl just ignore my complains...gotta go or i will complain more n make this shitter!
bubye ppl...

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ezen,Just have a little patience...
Have a little patience for wat? heehee...for taiping?exams to finish? yes also, but the most important thing that i will need to have patience for,thats for me to keep it to myself,heehee...
Only one of my friend know,i think she know.
If i didnt get to do what i want to do,then its not a lil patience...then it will be alot of patience...or never gonna happen? Nevermine la,at least i know the beginning,so wat happen next just let it be as it will be...I care but i am not going to because...patience...
Will i be able to be patience? i think i will for this only this in my whole life, cause y huh?
Mayb because i had enough, and learnt my lesson so i m prepared for the worst??? haha, not so drama la! Anyway i m happy....I will be even happier if the plan for my patience goes as we planned! Lets wait n see what happen on next thursday.(will absolutely blog that out nextweek,whether the plan goes well or not,still will,so wait for dat!)
Whatever it is i m stil goin to be happy!

As we have only one life, n in this one life of mine, i would like to make my life as happy as my life can be!
:) exams coming,stil can smile,abit not right,but its me.macam la dah confident sangat!
so STUDY ezen!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

summer 2007

Its the end of semester four dy,sad... Next week is finals d. I am happy that holiday is coming soon, but i am sad that i m going to leave adp n move to business block. This semester will be the last one in adp, if i pass all the subjects. N i really need to pass cause i dun want to waste time anymore. How i wish i can do my business under adp!*sigh I think the only good thing that i m moving to the business block is, i dun hav to walk to the end cos the block is just right in front!
I am sure i m goin to miss adp! but what to do, i chose a different path. No more psychology, business here i come. I liked psychology and i m also going to miss studying psychology but i am not sure what can i do with the degree of psychology. I hope i can do well in business marketing. I think marketing comm will suit me better, but again no choice! cause there is no transfering programme marketing comm to the place i wan to go! So, minus the comm take marketing. I hope business will not bored me, as my friends say dats its not as fun as it is in adp! ADP = All Day Play, so wat do u expect? of course more fun in adp rite? I just know that from my friend few months back.
I took three subjects this semester, i thought that this will be damm packed, but its okay. Luckily still can cope. Met new friends this semester. i hope i can get better grades, B will make me happy d,A is even better but its kinda hard to achieve. so must work hard! No more lazing around! its STUDY STUDY n STUDY n more STUDY! But everytime when i want to study,there will be something distracting me, such as plans during holidays and all those lil tiny things. Okay, i must be strong n not to be tempted to think of those thoughts!after exams i got plenty of time to plan! So, ezen u better be studying! oh,god wat am i saying? nvm!
I got two papers next monday n the last one on thursday! so i am absolutely looking forward to the fifth of July, as i am going back to my beloved taiping, havent been back for a month already. I really do miss taiping, my house, the foods, n of cos my ama! Taiping is great but, u know wat ppl? KL is not that bad, i am starting to like KL,but of cos i love tpg more!

To summarize this :

1)great friends = great semester! I will be missing adp n also friends from adp block!
2) i may like KL but Taiping is still the best.
3) i m moving to business block if everything goes well! i m no more a psych student.
4) So many plans running in my mind ( will blog about that when i finish finals )
5) I have to diciplined my self, by sitting in front of my table with the book studying n not laptop!(i will make that happen!)
6) I can't believe that its actually the end of semester four! last sem in adp!!!
Oh my God this is unbelievable!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was watching this show yesterday, n there is this auditorium shown in the shown. That auditorium looked like the one that i went to in perlis for drama,back in 05.
The stage look exactly the same,but i dun think its the same one, they only look alike.
Anyway,that triggered my mind to think about those drama times...
Not only the times in perlis, but i also the times when we were in tpg, n batu gajah i think!
The practices everyday,after recess. We even had practice during school holidays!n of course the Happenings during those practices. i really had fun during drama. The "kayu" me had learned to know how to act. At least i m better after drama. Thanks to mrs.cecelia n mrs.shirley ong!
* fyi: i get into drama not because i can act good,its because of my loud voice!haha...
I also remembered my feeling,everytime before the results was announced! N when we won, its the greatest feeling! But we didnt win in perlis,we tried our best ady! so its okay!
drama had made my schooling days even more fun! but those time is now living in the past,i had lived my life the fullest n going to live my life fullest in the future also!!! bye ppl...

Friday, June 22, 2007

some thing stupid!

My friday not bad...
I m a super eater nowadays,scary to myself. I was not like this before. Why? I duno n thats scaring me, if eat eat n no fat den nevermine, but if i become fat den how? i Dun wan to be fat!
I still feel hungry after i ate a bowl of prawn mee. how can that be ezen?
There is a cat walking on the roof i can see it from my window, i assume cat is good at climbing.
My exams is coming, n i need to study! i have to pass all the subjects i take this semester! i dun want to waste more time! know wat ppl? i dunt know wat to write today!
My mind is blank! empty!

green : I want handphone badly!
black : Go n Get one la!
green : How to get one?
black : Go n Buy from the HANDPHONE shope la,duh!
green : Buy?need money rite?
black : Of course la, abo use wat to BUY? u think show ur face n u can get one ah?doink!
green : maybe ler,my face so berharga.
black : ya,rite! ur face doesnt even look a bit berharga!
green : aiyo,den how ah? I got no money wor...
black : no money? Den go tekan money from the atm la
green : Atm?my atm no money inside wor..
black : i know ur atm inside no money, but the walking atm in ur house got money ma!
green : got walking atm wan meh?
black : think properly..think properly..
green : ermmmm...i really duno la
black : talk with u can heart attack ah! ur father la,doink!
green : ooooo..but..but..if he dun wan giv den how?
black : den nonit to buy lo!!!
green : but i want it badly!!!
black : no money how to buy?u beg la!
green : phone for me!!!
black : y u ask me to buy for u?
green : u ask me to beg ma, so i ma beg u la! wrong meh?
black : I din ask u to beg me la, dunwan talk to u d la!!!
green : wey,dun like dat la..wey..
green : Chilaka betul, like dat also close my phone! i paling hate ppl close my phone wan! Cis,bedebah!

a whole bunch of nonsense from me!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love at first sight!

I am goin to talk about wat i saw,n its love at first sight! ;) heehee...
This is wat u call :










True Love!
not only dat..
its LoVe at FIRST sight!

So, what izit that i m talking about???heehee...
That had just stole my heart!
That had just conquered my heart!
made me obssesed with that!
Crazy about that!
Dying for that!
That had made me fallen in Love....

N that is.....

Nokia N76!!!
I just loved it, when i saw it for the first time from the newspaper ad!
N then i was chatting with mei ling about it, n i've fallen in love with this phone! Deeper!
I really want this! its 1999 ringgit, but got no money, how??? sad case...
Luckily this one dun have green colour! if got i think i will be really really dying for it!!!
I m gonna try my luck when i c my father! hee hee....Wish me luck!
As if He is gonna get one for me, cause its too ex..n he will say its unneccessary..blablabla n bla..
Nevermine, just try, no harm trying. heehee...
But i already got plan to back up...heehee..
Wait, today is father's day, n i shud b giving my father a gift not expecting sumthing from him!haha...
Actually its okay, cause i m only goin to try my luck when i m bek in TAIPING!!!heehee...
Gotta stop now, or i won't stop talking about my LOVE...U ppl must be thinking that i m crazily obsessed! hahaha..nvm, ezen is abit crazy, i admit! What the nonsense am i talking about???nvm la..
N oh, before i forgot! Last nite i had this weirdest dreams! I dreamt of my teeth, i can just move my teeth n i can c my gums(is dat wat u call it?). What kind of dream is dat? Alot more weird weird things but i kenot remember...will post it out again if i happen to remember. N, So i woke up weirdly today because of those weirdy weirdy dreams...heehee..

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I found out ont thing last few days. Assignments and quizzes can make me save my money.
I have been doing my group project for the past few days, and that means most of my time was spent sitting infront of the screen, did not went out. So can save money.
Quizzes, by the thought that i need to study for my quiz, i did not go out n study, so can save money! Did i studied for quiz? Last minute study again! I was rushing the assignment so got no time to study, n when i finish it was about 10 sumthing yesterday nite. I was super duper tired at that time, n my Mind brain is not working already. So i did not study. I ended up studying a few hours before the quiz today. I only managed to study one chapter n the other i did not. I m not going to do as well as the last quiz! shity! shity! SHIT! nevermine, what is done is done! I cannot go bek to 2.30pm n take my quiz again. Done!

I finaly handed up the group project today! yay! n taken the quiz already!
Can take a break..but not for long cos got macro assignment DUE next friday! and then hav to study also cause Finals is two weeks from now! Time flies! These two weeks is goin to be the STressing Period! Hate it when i have to study! but NO CHOICE! i have to! Unless i was sumthing like the famous socialite paris hilton, She doesn't have to work also got money cause from her father. N if i m like her den dun have to study, cause got money d. So just live my happy life with Moneys n more moneys. But i dun wan to be in jail, so i just wana b half of her! C, i m merepeking again! I think i knw why i am talking about money today, must be from wat i studied for the quiz justnow, The Monetary(not sure whether i spelled it rite anot) system. The whole chapter is about money, quite interesting. As long as u knw how to use money u will understand.

gdnite ppl, before i continue writting more nonsense!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ordinary not extraordinary

Today like every other day, woke up and went to college and came back when finish college. Nothing special or extraordinary happen today.
Just an ordinary day like every other day. Althoh everyday is like every other day, but i think there will stil be sumthing even a lil tiny thing can differentiate them, the monday u had this week won't be exactly the same with the one u had last week,rite?
I was just thinking whether did any day that we had in our life had been repeated before on another day, and it must b exactly the same? Nevermine, dont bother its just another thing dat got into my mind.
Anyway, i think we must have different days in our live and never go through a repeated day. Then only there will be something that we will be looking forward to every day, every hour, every minute and even every second,rite?Life will only be interesting that way!Therefore Live life the fullest!!!
*got a msg from bolyn saying this : "Dream like u live forever, Live like u goin to die today (live to the fullest)" Thats the perfect sentence to end this post!
However, not going to end yet cause stil got something to say! I got assigments due on this friday and quiz on this friday! Oh My God!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

monday is always blurrie

Yesterday i cannot sleep, how come? i was turning from this side to the other n again for duno how many times, and my eyes is stil widely open!
Since my eyes were still widely open n my mind of cos was fresh n clear. I had alot of thoughts in my mind like : hows my day goin to b when i woke up? my plans on my coming holiday, n blablabla. N of course those thoughts running in my head make things worst. I only get to sleep at about 4 am. To make things even worser i got class at 8 in the morning! GREAT!!!
So did i get up on time?
I woke up at 6.46 and i tell myself dat okay, i can sleep for a while sumore until 7. The next thing that happen is i hear some sound from the cat, the cat so evil la, i dahla got so little sleep n i wan to get a few more minutes of sleep also want to kacau, cis! i was so gerammed n thinking of going downstairs to throw the cat away. Eventually i did not, cause if i do i will never get to sleep...
Somehow i duno wat happen i fell asleep n i suddenly woke up n its 8.10 already! so, guessla wat happen...
Anyway went to class, and i find it really hard to pay attention in class. Finish class n went to curve! n thats my day...
~Nowadays alot of cats la at the jalan belakang. I think the population will bertambah n bertambah dengan very fast, cause the cat just beranak a few days ago in bibik's hse,n yesterday beranak again at the back of my house. I was just thinking, how come the cat din beranak sekaligus wan huh? Can keep n beranak the 2nd time? or thats just another cat? Baby cats look cute but they make alot of noise n mencemarkan my hearing,not good! Or izit the mother cat dat is making the sounds? Nvm, who make the sounds also its from the Cats = Kucing~
i m goin to ganti balik my sleeptime for yesterday...
gdnite ppl

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This blog is ketinggalan zaman,so i decide that i should update this since a few weeks ago,but i did not cause of my laziness.
Finally, today a sunday, the 10th of june two thousand seven i am back here again! *any compliment for me? Nvm i m just being me, SSing!
Let me think,ermm i had left this blog for almost two years and i decided to start blogging here again,y huh? bcos of some reasons la,hehe...
Just now there a lots of thing in my mind that i would like to write,but now my mind is kinda blank,how come? THis can't be! oh my god! Ezen needs help!!!
okay, i will start by talking about my life in the past two years? no, dats too much to write.
forget about that.
I am now in college for about a year already! No more in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Convent Taiping d! That means i leave school for one year plus d! Time flies! Damn, i really miss school alot! i had so much fun in school. And of course i miss my beloved TAIPING too. Nvm TAIPING we will be meeting in a few weeks time. KL is okay, like every other ibu negara, busy city,packed with cars n ppl everywhere. Already one year so i m already used to everything here.
The most important thing that happen in my life for the past two years is dat, i got my driving license on the 20th of january 2006! Which means my license is one year four months + old d!
(on 20/1/2006 ezen shouts: i can drive! i can drive! i can drive! ye!ye! woohoo!)
FYI : i m actually tired of driving now,but stil enjoying driving sometimes. heehee :)
and one more thing my car is my LOVE! hee hee...
Next, go refer to my frenster blog first:
Cause the next thing i m goin to write is the continuation of a few posts from there...
i am happy that i finally found out the truth althoh the truth is kinda shocking, not only to me but also to Jane and Lei3. Its like at last i got the truth after one year?i think. Some ppl out there might think that,"aihyo,so long d know or not know also no difference la cause its all the past". But to me its different, i don't know how to describe, but its like "at last i know this is the truth and things were very much clearer now". Its a relieve to me tho. Another unexpected "event" that i get to experience in my life! Whatever that happen in the past let it be the past, n now just live to the future! Live life the fullest!!!thats the most important thing in life!rite ppl?
i think i m goin to stop here or u ppl will be bored d.