Friday, August 17, 2007


just smile...heehee
i got my results,n i passed everything!!!!
the worrying for my results is ending!!!
got more holidays....
=) again...

someone special,
=) =) =) this is for u! i hope u smile too!

i start with a smile n i will end with one too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

mind is not working right

Today is wednesday...
and my results coming out dis friday...
i m worried...
i really wan to pass!everything!!!
u know wat?
i m enjoying everydat i had in tpg,eventho i m doing nothing...
n i stil want this to continue!!!
please make it happen!!!
one more thing..
i dunt know wat to
ask my heart, i wil let my heart tel me wat to do...
someone special, any suggestions...

Friday, August 10, 2007


Why is the title of this post JAMBU?
i just feel like naming this post jambu, maybe its because of the jambu i ate just now..
I love jambu...i can eat alot of jambu at once...n also watermelon with salt! good...
ok now,y am i blogging about fruits?
today went pretty well, i bought this spongebob thingy from mcds, its like the tissue thingy...
but the tissue box in my house cannot fit in the dat cause its too big, must go n get the smaller one...
something bla bla from me again ;

e :I really want this holiday to continue forever.........
z: if this holiday continue forever then the future wont comes!
e :I want this to be forever then i will be young forever, i dont need to work,
just be like wat i am now, holiday n holiday =)
z: ya, right. Eventually u will be bored of that and want to move to the future.
e: No, i like nono..i mean i looooovvveeee my holiday life, how can i be bored and move to the future? u know its like this is my now! my now is everything!hehe..
z: This is my now, as in this is ur now...but u r moving to the future thats y its called now now and then then,got it?
e: whatever u say la!!!

-the end-

~to: you =) frm:me~

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


i just cut my hair this afternoon....
how izit??? i duno....
i got rough hair!
n i really want to pass everything so that i can stay in taiping!!! please let me pass!
i really need to pass!!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

green green ezen

hello people!
i m sorry for not blogging.
watched 200 pounds beauty n i just love the songs! beautiful song!beautiful ppl!
i dunt know wat to do now, so i m sitting here blogging but dont know wat to blog
OH, i was supposed to blog about the party which i prepared!
everything went well, dat was like two weeks ago!
eventually i din cook alone, got people help!my sister,cousin...pinah n eejane also help..
so it was okay,sumore its like cook abit bit only, and mizen ordered outside food also!
n i m done with that!
what happen somemore?
ermmm....i was sick on last friday but now i m getting better n going to be well d...
Went to karaoke saturday nite, i was actually shouting n not singing! so lost my voice after dat,fortunately my voice was back to normal the next morning,hehe...
Had fun there!
I think i m really going to miss this holiday in taiping! Nothing much happen everyday, n its usually the same routine everyday, to some this may be boring, but i like this!hehehe...
i just like it , and dun know y!
I just Love Taiping!!!heehee =)

something for someone special : Have a nice day =)