Sunday, April 19, 2009


I found miracle.
I blogged about miracle before here.
After one year i m going to do this again.
I of course believe in miracle, and miracle happened.
Like the lyrics of the songs say, when you believe there is miracle..although hope is frail,you will achieve when you believe..
Yes,i believe in miracle,
But this is all so unexpected to me,and its miracle.keajaiban.
All in all,i am very thankful n happy that i found miracle.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sumber kebahagiaan ku,

Terima Kasih kerana terlalu membahagiakan hidup aku.

something that put a smile on my face.

Its raining.
and i am just sitting in my room looking at the window..looking at the rain..
Its raining,its raining..I found out something about the rain last week, something that made me smile =)


I drowned and i managed to save myself,or more like someone saved me.hahaha..
I doesn't feel shit anymore..
I wont be shark's meal anymore.
See how much can a day change me,actually its more to like how a sentence can change me..

So, i m on holiday,easter holiday for one whole week,and i got nothing to do.
Actually i should study, and clean my room,but will do dat later.
I so can't wait for the day!!
The day that i will be goin back!!
The day when i can eat nasi lemak bahagia!!
The day when i can step on tanah Malaysia n on the land of Taiping.
The day when i can drive my car, with my green star hanging in it.
The day when i can breathe into the fresh air in Taiping.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

deep blue sea n is drowning n might die soon.

I just sunk my self into the deep blue sea.
I drowned myself, i jumped into the deep blue sea knowing that i might drowned but i still jumped.
and now i think i created the trouble myself, knowing that i myself is person that wont be satisfied the problem or trouble is growing bigger n bigger n i seriously hope history wont repeats itself, and if it does i will just be sharks' meal.
Why am i always falling in to deep shits again n again, will i ever learn my lesson.
i m the one that is always finding trouble lo,selalu suka sangat cari masalah, walaupun tidak ada apa.But i duno whether izit tidak ada apa or not wor, i duno la!!!!!!!!
Life is short,so why must i complicate my life, i should have just live my life the way i have been living,and made my life easier,but instead i think i m making my life so hard for me to live.can i say i hate my life? i duno!!!what i know is..shit i dun want it to happen n dun even want to mention it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i m having this mixed feeling that i m in deep shit! i m scared! i m worried! all the mixtures of negative feelings la!dang!dong!doink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tan ezen pergi matila..cissssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i m dead.
selamat tinggal dunia..aku akan mati sudah..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This is a part of my life where i feel really really seriously down..down..

but still no matter how down my life is now,i m grateful..

cause i know that i am bahagia,and i cannot be more happier than now...
JUNE!JUNE!JUNE!..come fast..

My Life would Suck without you, so thank you for being in my life...