Monday, February 25, 2008


suppose to be studying,but this is wat i did...
i m just doing wat sherlyn suggested,upload pictures...
cause,true also what she said,i go c ppl blog also prefer to see pictures rather than just words all over!

1) can barely open my eyes.
2) looking at u.
3) wah!

In conclusion, i got small n sepet eyes.

Friday, February 22, 2008


i had been wasting money.
Its like money that don't need to be spent if i m more careful.
Wasted money to repair my car,and also have to pay for the damages of the car that i hit.
Next, i bought a few books of parking tickets cheaper n they happen to be fake ones,n i cannot use that anymore!
Wasted a bit cause of bus tickets.
*sigh i don't know when will good things happen to me again. Why are there so many bad things happening after i return from taiping after CNY. There are good things happening but bad things more!
Some people told me that dragons will have good luck all year round,but see how things turn out for me???
ok, i think i have to bath with the '7 colors flower' again. To wash away all my bad lucks!
ok, think positive! good things coming! all the bad had passed n gone away!
i wake up every morning, not wanting to get up n most of the time cannot get up.
i sleep alot! on the days dat i've got no class i sleep even more!
n the more i sleep i get sleepier.
i suspect something is not right with my body system.
Mid term is next week.
After that have to start doing my assignments.
I am lazy, very lazy.
Must not be lazy anymore.
Must be disciplined n hardworking.
Don't waste anymore money!

Lydia Sum @ Sam Tin Ha, passed away on Tuesday morning...
I had been watching her shows,since i was a kid and now still watching.
She is one fabulous comedienne! N she sings well too! Her daughter too sings well!
The fact is, in everything there will be a beginning and an ending.
In life too its the same. People live(beginning) and die(ending).
She had been sick for quite sometime,and to see things from the good side she do not have to suffer anymore, and peace is with her now.
Lydia Sum will forever be remembered. She is indeed a very strong lady and a person that is always respected.
May she Rest In Peace.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Time is moving.
but not me.
i stop n stare.
I think i m moving but i go no where.
I was here all along and,
I m wondering why i m here not there.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

cny n etc

Chinese new year was fun!
family gatherings...good foods...gambling...
Everything was good n fun until the 12th of february, a tuesday. The first day i m going to college after cny holidays. Y is that? Cause i had an accident! i hit someone's car! It is my fault.
N i was complaining dat i am "sui" (bad luck). but my friends said i m lucky cos i m safe! Ya,true also.
The front of my car cacat d. So now no car send to the workshop d. Nvm i m going back tpg anway.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Nothing to do,that y i m sitting here....
Looking forward for CHINESE NEW YEAR to come!
n actually looking forward to going back TAIPING !
n thats in about three days time!
But before that got quiz on monday,luckily open book but still...aih...
N i need to shop for more clothes!!! Still not enough!
i m bored! Can go now, but mixuan and aunty is sick no one to shop with..Have to stay at home...
NVM will try asking them to go tomorrow!!! =)