Friday, March 28, 2008

kegeraman yang amat sangat

i am super geram!
i take every effort i can to get the sims2 with the other expansion packs..
n i drove all the way to the well known digital mall to get it!
n the service super bad, the salesperson totally sucks! The face black like shit,
ask her questions she say she duno,cos she din play. As a salesperson u should find out about all ur products rite? Damn shitty!!!
fine,anway i bought the dvd for 20 cos got 2cds..
n guess wat?

the first one i get from one can use,but after sometime cannot d.
So what is this huh? i m fated to not play the sims 2 zit?
just hate it,2nd time liao!
super kek nia!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


spending the past few days, loitering around doing nothing. =)
Slept late at night n woke up extremely late.
The reason is : sims.
I bought a mouse from ikano last wednesday,n today cannot use d!
Damn, cheap stuff is like that i think!
Have to go get another one, this time i knw wat to get.
I m hungry,but i m going for nasi lemak later..late late late..
But i m now hungry!how? how? how?
I m going to get something to eat first!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i am calm now.

Yesterday i was just being me.
So,how do i feel today? Not so angered or saddened anymore.
When i know things wont go the way i want, at that moment my reaction will be gigantic! But after a while,everything will be normal again.That is me...
Although i m still trying to make my plan work n unflushed it from the "jamban kang", but i know tough luck. I doubt that will happen.
I am like that, at that very moment when my plan was flushed, its like the whole world is going against me n the world ending! Eventually, i will realize the next day usually, nothing big n there is no need to be so angered n saddened. So, i dramatic zit? I duno la.
But still... *sigh

I just notice that, I don't really blog about happy stuff,sometimes i do but most of it are complains of my dissatisfaction. But i think that is one of the purpose of me having this blog, to complain n complain n no one will bother what i write. So, i can write whatever i like. Don't have to think twice or watsoever!

I hate assignments, exams, and quizzes! How i wish, college is without those three, just attend lectures and tutorials, and thats it. The lecturer will just asses n grade us like dat! So nice hor? but dream on ezen,That will never ever happen!
I am a last minute person, everything also last minute. My assignments forever last minute!!!

I wan to play the sims 2 with the expansions,but i cannot get to install it to my pc! MCK!
i had been waiting from last week,but when i got it cannot install. I wonder how shit things will be somemore! First the plan, then this, n whats next?

Monday, March 17, 2008

i am saddened

I just hate it,when things dont turn out the way i want them to be.
It will just ruin everything!
and i super hate when i planned everything nicely d,then just because of some dumb dumb reason.
Everything i plan had to be thrown into the "jamban kang" n flush! everything gone!
No appealing, no asking again, nothing. Just shut up n follow the order!
Do u know how i feel?
I feel like i am a hamba, don't even have the right to talk,just listen!
DAMN IT!!!!!
n why is this happening?
This is happening because one bunch of idiots did something n the actions of those idiots had caused my plan to be flushed!
Idiots will always remain as idiots. Moreover they are the stupidest,dumbest bunch of idiots!
I wont call them idiots,if their actions doesn't interfere my life! But now i hate them n they are idiots,because of them my plan is flushed!
DAMN the idiots!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

out of a sudden

Accidents happen everywhere, and sometimes in the toilet.
I fell, luckily not into the "jamban kang",just on the floor ly.
I slipped n fell n it hurts!
The reason for me not blogging is because i got nothing to blog about.
That means nothing much had happened since the last post from me.
Actually, got somethings la,but i am just lazy n then i duno what i want to blog d.
I had weird dreams.
I wonder why do i have these kind of dreams?

I got something to ask u all,answer honestly wan :
am i too into the color Green? Like super Fanatic?
but it is still okay rite?

This part is specially dedicated to, Kawanku Mei Ling!
Its Joanne beckham aka mei ling's birthday yesterday, just past a few hours ago nia.
N she celebrated her birthday with something inked into her skin.
n so Happy Belated Birthday Mei Ling!!!! or u preferto be known as Joanne beckham?
But i m used to calling u Mei Ling all along d eh, very hard to change eh.
Tetapi aku akan cuba sedaya upaya, kalau you mau digelar Joanne Beckham!
Aku minta maaf banyak banyak kawan, cause din wish u tepat tepat the time.
n Have a wonderful , happening, wuiyohing, Fuyohing year ahead!!!