Friday, August 29, 2008

Today n Yesterdays

I am going to blog today,that is what i told myself today.

I had law class in the morning today,until one something. N this is the last class for the semester, this means exams is coming soon,real soon. I mean it very soon.
After class, i went to meet Nadya in Sunway Pyramid, we had nasi lemak lunch there, n the boss is always smiling smiling,nadya told me a story about the smiley smiley boss.But its good la,friendly boss.No wonder the gerai from small move to big shop d,according to nadya.Then we walk around, seeing n talking. I m happy, at last went out with nadya,was suppose to go out with her since duno when,but always tak jadi.
Then after that,balik. The sunway pyramid parking only got exit at one particular floor i think,i have to go round n round the sunway pyramid go round to finally keluar from the building after i see so many keluar signs. N wat time is it? oh, five something, jam time,but takpe since what i got is time. So i pun buta2 keluar from the exit n ended up somewher that i tak pernah keluar from, then i see oh shit no petaling jaya sign, then i just agak agak n go u turn n jumpa d all the pj signs, After i u-turn got police block,thats y la jam n i see this person with his hand on his forehead talking to the police,so i think this person must be kena alot of saman la,den tak bayar now kena police stop d,sked la kot or sakit kepala?
Then i go straight straight n then hav to keep left n berebut-rebut with all the other road users to merebut a place at the left lane so that i can masuk to the traffic light place n turn left,everyone was so ganas. When i manage to turn left, i masuk ldp d la,den i see all the cars not moving. So i just follow n hav to merebut again, to get into the right lane to naik the mini penang bridge.N i was stuck there on the bridge for duno how long,from there i can see asap2 i thot got fire or wat,den turn out to be nothing. Then all along the ldp i look left n right n left n right again.N there is this person that is reading newspaper while driving,althoh its jamming n u r moving the car very slowly but still very bahaya. In conclusion, i see there are ganas drivers that just menyempit2 like wan to kiss my car,n there is motorcyclist that ride like snake menyelinap thru the small small spaces between cars.
I usually hate jams, but sometimes u just dont hate it when u have the time n just enjoy the driving, the u observe everything around u, n that can be fun if u have the time la.

Another thing i want to say is, time flies like super fast like zooommm,sudah sampai. Know what i mean?
Its like just yesterday i started studying business,n zoommm its one year goin to habis d.
Its like just yesterday i went countdown for merdekan n zoommm merdeka countdown is tomoro.
Its like just yesterday that semester 2,2008 starts n holiday is over n zoommmm finals is next week n after that holidays.
Its like just yesterday, i went to buy ikan bakar from the pasar ramadhan n zoommm pasar ramadhan is going to start this coming monday.
Its like just yesterday,that i went to lake gardens to play candles n zoommm the lantern festival is here again.
See, how fast is everything? Those that felt like yesterday was actually a year ago.
Time flies...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I had a dream,
A dream that made me smile when i woke up.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

last minutes

I am forever last minute, n that just happen today again for the duno the how many thousands billion times. Even though, i always tell myself to be insaf everytime i did last minute works. Theres a Lil Bit of improvement though,just for once ly,not so kelam kabut n last minute this semester.
However, i managed to finished n hand it up on time.

I wonder,Is this last minute thing hereditary?
Cause my dada is like this abit, I think from wat i heard from my mada. I m not blaming this last minute thing on hereditary,i know its just me but i m just wondering.

Another wednesday is coming.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I am bored.
I am indecisive.
I duno what to do.
I duno what to eat.
I duno where to go.
I takda hala tuju.