Saturday, September 27, 2008

3.03 a.m.

Lucky to be home again.
Taiping my home.
I am Lucky.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Something Unwanted n bad is going to happen.

update (22/9/08): Not unwanted n bad,it turn out to be nothing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sepuluh Sept.

Exams, habis!
N of course i m so so so so hyper hyper happy happy.
But when judgment day comes,oh I dont know what will happen but of course i hope n hope n hopefully i am as happy as i am today or maybe even happier! That would be great!
I seriously cannot afford to fail,no no no no fail..Pass Pass Pass Pass!

I am now on Holiday!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Fourth of September.

I was so so so super hungry just now,n now i m so so so super full,full till cannot breathe!

I think i am addicted to Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea ,less sugar, Maybe thats the pengganti for kopi O in KL.

One paper gone,two more to go.

I seriously dun want to disappoint my parents, i sincerely feel that. I don't know why, but i never ever felt that before until recently.

Day n night is turning upside down, so i guess i better do something about it before my next paper,cause its a paper in the morning.

I just really really need a holiday, yes i m going to have one after i finish all my exams, n holidays are not free,we pay for the holiday using not only money but also the stress we had during exam period.

There is no such thing as FREE .Yes! Nothing is free in this world, really nothing. Economy people will know why. But the reason for nothing is free in this world by me is not same as economy people's point of view. (This is a reminder for me to blog about this later.)

A Lizard decided to stop by my table to visit me yesterday, i m geli of lizards. I tried to chase the lizard away but it just wont go, I only manage to move its tail n i don't dare to look cause its tail is moving moving n what if it decided to break it off, u know lizards pretending to be dead, its some mechanism of the lizards to protect themselves from their enemy, but see i m not its enemy i just want it to move away. I dont even dare to look at it as i try to move it away using a paper because i m geli, n the lizard on the end of my table which meets my other end of the bed,so since i m so geli i was worried that it might jumped or somehow climb to my bed, the thought of it happening also makes me feel geli. Then i just leave it,cause i thot mayb its pretending to be dead. But before that i cover it with a plastic bag to prevent it from jumping onto my bed , but there is still room to breath n way for the lizard to get out of the it. Cause i cover like half ly la, But when i woke up the next morning, it is still there, so i went downstairs n ask my uncle to remove it,since i m so so geli, even typing about this now makes me geli. My uncle told me he will do that later,so off i went to college,first paper. When i got back uncle has not do anything about it yet, until i remind him, he then went to remove it n then told me that the Lizard is dead. So it is really dead not pretending,now i know. No wonder it doesnt even move abit no matter how hard i hit or bang the table. N no wonder it doesnt go away,cause it is dead. May u rest in Peace lizard. I m still wondering how did the Lizard land on my table? Only the lizard knows how, mayb when the lizard landed on my table, the lizard injured itself n break its bone or something like that,n it cannot move.N that cause serious injuries n cause the death of the lizard.

The dumbest mistake of all mistake happened. I cannot even forgive myself for that. but whats over is over, i cannot do anything now. yorrr.....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The 2 in 1

Nadya, u don't have to wait for another 50 years for another post.
I m going to blog today.

I cannot do anything without thinking of my exams,n the thought of me doing something else but not studying is like almost killing me,the guilt. But still i m still not studying, Sometimes i wonder what kind of a human am i? Is there two types of ezen in one ezen? One moment i would be feeling all guilty not studying, n next i would be thinking yor,still got time nvm. Its the ID ezen n the Superego ezen,but as we can see the ID ezen is overpowering the Superego ezen. I know after this exam i would have all the time in the world to do whatever i want to,be it doing nothing, staring at the wall in my Taiping house, ronda around taiping,onlining and etc. No one will cares, even the superego ezen would also not care.
Everytime exams come,i would be exam exam faster zooommm n finish. But this time i didnt feel that way,although i do want my exam to be over fast. In my previous post, i said that time zooomms,it really does but that only u will feel after everything is over.I realise if u do nothing time will zoomm,but if u do something then time wont zoomm n u only think that wah time flies only after everything is over. I actually duno what am i blogging about,nvm this must b caused by the state of my mind right now which is pretty blurry. I know i had been quite blurr all along,but this is the times when blurr become more n more blur. I m just blurrrrrr....
I am not aware of what is happening recently,its like i m doing something else, but my mind if thinking of something else. If u think about it,its quite scary when this happens.What if ......