Sunday, June 29, 2008


I always love sunday cause it would be a holiday, n its the day to rest n relax.
and thats what i do today,rest n relax n just take my time to do watever i have to.
I stayed at home today.
Woke up late,as usual.
Turn on the computer, go online, check mail.
Wash clothes dengan perkhidmatan washing machine.
Sidai Baju.
Tukar bedsheets,pillowcase,comforter.
Keep telling myself that i hav to wash them tomorow.
Go online again,chat a while.
Read newspaper.
Have late lunch.
I am now here onlining.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday the twenty-seventh

i am here again tonite.
wanting to blog and going to.

I woke up late abit, and rush to mandi and after finishing rushing myself to be ready, i left to sch.
I was driving n i got a msg from my friend saying that class cancelled! adakah patut? memang patut. yay! class cancelled,but sure got replacements n all but tidak apa la.
So,i am free for the day!n so i went to klcc with my friend via rapid kl n Lrt.
Save petrol,dun drive, petrol so damn mahal now!
First time i took rapid kl, not bad, quite nice.Lrt i took before,quite fun.
Went to Klcc to jalan jalan ly,no money cannot buy. But theres alot of thing i want right now this moment! but apa nak buat,duit tak da! aih...n its time to save now! but if we spend more then the economy will be good back wert,so how?
So spend,spend,spend ke arah ekonomi baik, but where to get the money? I didnt work. Maybe its time for me to get a part time job.So that i can earn money,n buy what i want! But me,how much pay i can get? aih...

i got distracted just now,and so now i m thinking of what more to blog...

i got nothing more to say,n thats the end.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I always n always dream.
I dream at night when i sleep.
n also daytime when i m in the class.

I sometimes dream of my fire burning, and sometimes dream that theres no more fire.
and i dream of alot lot of things more.
Sometimes i wake up from my dream laughing.
sometimes i wake up from my dream smiling.
sometimes i wake up from my dream scared.
n more n more sometimes.

For the past few years,my fire only burns in my dream,but that also little fire ly.
so i have been waiting n waiting for "mimpi sempurna" n what i got is only "mimpi hampir sempurna".
N now what will happen when that happens? Nothing,cause that will only be in the dream n in reality nothing happens. sad rite? sad to think n hope for mimpi sempurna?
No,i dont think so.
I believe that being positive,ends up with positive outcome.

sempurnaan dalam mimpi bisa menjadi realiti.
Aku percaya Kesempurnaan bisa terjadi.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wish upon a Star...

and your wish will come true...

How i Wish . . . . .

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am down.
I am indeed very DOWN now, after thinking about my life.
Whats with my life that made me feel down after thinking about it?
I don't know. How can i not know right? but Thats the thing with me, i just don't know.
Don't even know myself.

I am now alone, in a world of my own.
Only me, and thats when i start to think about my life.
This past few days n weeks, i had been thinking deep...very very deep.
I don't know whats wrong with me.

I know,theres nothing that i can complain about in my life.
My grandma, grandfather, father, mother, sisters, uncles, aunties, cousins n etc all are great people. that = My family is GREAT....n

I've got all the basic necessities and even got more than that, i cannot be more thankful.
so, my life should be great rite?

But, theres is still this BUT.
There is this something that made me feel down.
and again i don't know what that something is.
I cannot say that there is no reason behind all these, n it is a lie cause there is something but i just don't know what it is.
Something that is hidden, that even me myself havent discovered whats hidden or missing in my life.
Somehow my thoughts had wondered there and is now struggling or more like dying to know more.
I am not always like this, i dont feel down most of the time. This is unusual.
I am not the usual me. I want to be the usual me again. I do not want to always feel down.
I want to be the carefree me. Yes, i do look like i am the usual me, but when i am alone this is what happens. This is freaking me out.
Too much for me to handle, emo emo emo...

I might or might not know about the hidden or missing something.
At the end of the day life goes on, and how i wish i can go on as life goes on.
I keep on telling myself that life goes on and i will just go with the flow but deep down inside i wont. Cause i just cannot and do not want to go against my will, cause i know in the end i will suffer more if i just follow my life n go on without knowing whats that hidden something inside me.

*Hidup aku takkan sempurna tanpa ...
apa ya? sesuatu yang aku pun belum tahu lagi...

Monday, June 16, 2008

monday the sixteenth

i am no more in tpg,been back here for about three weeks plus d.
I planned to blogged bout my holiday in Taiping,but i just did not, cos theres just too much happenings here in kl and i am too busy attending to them or more like i m lazy.
So, at last here i am wanting to blog, but again otak aku sememangnya kosong!
Where has all the thoughts in my head gone to? Maybe they had jump into sea cause i did not take care of them good enough in my head.
Yesterday is fathers day! Happy Fathers Day to my PAPA! (dun think he knows this exist.)

My life is sad. izit so? I think so but i dont really know.
My life is miserable, izit so? Tak tahu..
My life is a Fool,izit so? Maybe yes,Maybe not.
So, am i depressed or wat? Mungkin Ya atau Tidak.
What will be next?
No one knows, cause Tommorow is Unknown!