Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ezen,Just have a little patience...
Have a little patience for wat? heehee...for taiping?exams to finish? yes also, but the most important thing that i will need to have patience for,thats for me to keep it to myself,heehee...
Only one of my friend know,i think she know.
If i didnt get to do what i want to do,then its not a lil patience...then it will be alot of patience...or never gonna happen? Nevermine la,at least i know the beginning,so wat happen next just let it be as it will be...I care but i am not going to because...patience...
Will i be able to be patience? i think i will for this only this in my whole life, cause y huh?
Mayb because i had enough, and learnt my lesson so i m prepared for the worst??? haha, not so drama la! Anyway i m happy....I will be even happier if the plan for my patience goes as we planned! Lets wait n see what happen on next thursday.(will absolutely blog that out nextweek,whether the plan goes well or not,still will,so wait for dat!)
Whatever it is i m stil goin to be happy!

As we have only one life, n in this one life of mine, i would like to make my life as happy as my life can be!
:) exams coming,stil can smile,abit not right,but its me.macam la dah confident sangat!
so STUDY ezen!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

summer 2007

Its the end of semester four dy,sad... Next week is finals d. I am happy that holiday is coming soon, but i am sad that i m going to leave adp n move to business block. This semester will be the last one in adp, if i pass all the subjects. N i really need to pass cause i dun want to waste time anymore. How i wish i can do my business under adp!*sigh I think the only good thing that i m moving to the business block is, i dun hav to walk to the end cos the block is just right in front!
I am sure i m goin to miss adp! but what to do, i chose a different path. No more psychology, business here i come. I liked psychology and i m also going to miss studying psychology but i am not sure what can i do with the degree of psychology. I hope i can do well in business marketing. I think marketing comm will suit me better, but again no choice! cause there is no transfering programme marketing comm to the place i wan to go! So, minus the comm take marketing. I hope business will not bored me, as my friends say dats its not as fun as it is in adp! ADP = All Day Play, so wat do u expect? of course more fun in adp rite? I just know that from my friend few months back.
I took three subjects this semester, i thought that this will be damm packed, but its okay. Luckily still can cope. Met new friends this semester. i hope i can get better grades, B will make me happy d,A is even better but its kinda hard to achieve. so must work hard! No more lazing around! its STUDY STUDY n STUDY n more STUDY! But everytime when i want to study,there will be something distracting me, such as plans during holidays and all those lil tiny things. Okay, i must be strong n not to be tempted to think of those thoughts!after exams i got plenty of time to plan! So, ezen u better be studying! oh,god wat am i saying? nvm!
I got two papers next monday n the last one on thursday! so i am absolutely looking forward to the fifth of July, as i am going back to my beloved taiping, havent been back for a month already. I really do miss taiping, my house, the foods, n of cos my ama! Taiping is great but, u know wat ppl? KL is not that bad, i am starting to like KL,but of cos i love tpg more!

To summarize this :

1)great friends = great semester! I will be missing adp n also friends from adp block!
2) i may like KL but Taiping is still the best.
3) i m moving to business block if everything goes well! i m no more a psych student.
4) So many plans running in my mind ( will blog about that when i finish finals )
5) I have to diciplined my self, by sitting in front of my table with the book studying n not laptop!(i will make that happen!)
6) I can't believe that its actually the end of semester four! last sem in adp!!!
Oh my God this is unbelievable!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was watching this show yesterday, n there is this auditorium shown in the shown. That auditorium looked like the one that i went to in perlis for drama,back in 05.
The stage look exactly the same,but i dun think its the same one, they only look alike.
Anyway,that triggered my mind to think about those drama times...
Not only the times in perlis, but i also the times when we were in tpg, n batu gajah i think!
The practices everyday,after recess. We even had practice during school holidays!n of course the Happenings during those practices. i really had fun during drama. The "kayu" me had learned to know how to act. At least i m better after drama. Thanks to mrs.cecelia n mrs.shirley ong!
* fyi: i get into drama not because i can act good,its because of my loud voice!haha...
I also remembered my feeling,everytime before the results was announced! N when we won, its the greatest feeling! But we didnt win in perlis,we tried our best ady! so its okay!
drama had made my schooling days even more fun! but those time is now living in the past,i had lived my life the fullest n going to live my life fullest in the future also!!! bye ppl...

Friday, June 22, 2007

some thing stupid!

My friday not bad...
I m a super eater nowadays,scary to myself. I was not like this before. Why? I duno n thats scaring me, if eat eat n no fat den nevermine, but if i become fat den how? i Dun wan to be fat!
I still feel hungry after i ate a bowl of prawn mee. how can that be ezen?
There is a cat walking on the roof i can see it from my window, i assume cat is good at climbing.
My exams is coming, n i need to study! i have to pass all the subjects i take this semester! i dun want to waste more time! know wat ppl? i dunt know wat to write today!
My mind is blank! empty!

green : I want handphone badly!
black : Go n Get one la!
green : How to get one?
black : Go n Buy from the HANDPHONE shope la,duh!
green : Buy?need money rite?
black : Of course la, abo use wat to BUY? u think show ur face n u can get one ah?doink!
green : maybe ler,my face so berharga.
black : ya,rite! ur face doesnt even look a bit berharga!
green : aiyo,den how ah? I got no money wor...
black : no money? Den go tekan money from the atm la
green : Atm?my atm no money inside wor..
black : i know ur atm inside no money, but the walking atm in ur house got money ma!
green : got walking atm wan meh?
black : think properly..think properly..
green : ermmmm...i really duno la
black : talk with u can heart attack ah! ur father la,doink!
green : ooooo..but..but..if he dun wan giv den how?
black : den nonit to buy lo!!!
green : but i want it badly!!!
black : no money how to buy?u beg la!
green : phone for me!!!
black : y u ask me to buy for u?
green : u ask me to beg ma, so i ma beg u la! wrong meh?
black : I din ask u to beg me la, dunwan talk to u d la!!!
green : wey,dun like dat la..wey..
green : Chilaka betul, like dat also close my phone! i paling hate ppl close my phone wan! Cis,bedebah!

a whole bunch of nonsense from me!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Love at first sight!

I am goin to talk about wat i saw,n its love at first sight! ;) heehee...
This is wat u call :










True Love!
not only dat..
its LoVe at FIRST sight!

So, what izit that i m talking about???heehee...
That had just stole my heart!
That had just conquered my heart!
made me obssesed with that!
Crazy about that!
Dying for that!
That had made me fallen in Love....

N that is.....

Nokia N76!!!
I just loved it, when i saw it for the first time from the newspaper ad!
N then i was chatting with mei ling about it, n i've fallen in love with this phone! Deeper!
I really want this! its 1999 ringgit, but got no money, how??? sad case...
Luckily this one dun have green colour! if got i think i will be really really dying for it!!!
I m gonna try my luck when i c my father! hee hee....Wish me luck!
As if He is gonna get one for me, cause its too ex..n he will say its unneccessary..blablabla n bla..
Nevermine, just try, no harm trying. heehee...
But i already got plan to back up...heehee..
Wait, today is father's day, n i shud b giving my father a gift not expecting sumthing from him!haha...
Actually its okay, cause i m only goin to try my luck when i m bek in TAIPING!!!heehee...
Gotta stop now, or i won't stop talking about my LOVE...U ppl must be thinking that i m crazily obsessed! hahaha..nvm, ezen is abit crazy, i admit! What the nonsense am i talking about???nvm la..
N oh, before i forgot! Last nite i had this weirdest dreams! I dreamt of my teeth, i can just move my teeth n i can c my gums(is dat wat u call it?). What kind of dream is dat? Alot more weird weird things but i kenot remember...will post it out again if i happen to remember. N, So i woke up weirdly today because of those weirdy weirdy dreams...heehee..

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I found out ont thing last few days. Assignments and quizzes can make me save my money.
I have been doing my group project for the past few days, and that means most of my time was spent sitting infront of the screen, did not went out. So can save money.
Quizzes, by the thought that i need to study for my quiz, i did not go out n study, so can save money! Did i studied for quiz? Last minute study again! I was rushing the assignment so got no time to study, n when i finish it was about 10 sumthing yesterday nite. I was super duper tired at that time, n my Mind brain is not working already. So i did not study. I ended up studying a few hours before the quiz today. I only managed to study one chapter n the other i did not. I m not going to do as well as the last quiz! shity! shity! SHIT! nevermine, what is done is done! I cannot go bek to 2.30pm n take my quiz again. Done!

I finaly handed up the group project today! yay! n taken the quiz already!
Can take a break..but not for long cos got macro assignment DUE next friday! and then hav to study also cause Finals is two weeks from now! Time flies! These two weeks is goin to be the STressing Period! Hate it when i have to study! but NO CHOICE! i have to! Unless i was sumthing like the famous socialite paris hilton, She doesn't have to work also got money cause from her father. N if i m like her den dun have to study, cause got money d. So just live my happy life with Moneys n more moneys. But i dun wan to be in jail, so i just wana b half of her! C, i m merepeking again! I think i knw why i am talking about money today, must be from wat i studied for the quiz justnow, The Monetary(not sure whether i spelled it rite anot) system. The whole chapter is about money, quite interesting. As long as u knw how to use money u will understand.

gdnite ppl, before i continue writting more nonsense!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ordinary not extraordinary

Today like every other day, woke up and went to college and came back when finish college. Nothing special or extraordinary happen today.
Just an ordinary day like every other day. Althoh everyday is like every other day, but i think there will stil be sumthing even a lil tiny thing can differentiate them, the monday u had this week won't be exactly the same with the one u had last week,rite?
I was just thinking whether did any day that we had in our life had been repeated before on another day, and it must b exactly the same? Nevermine, dont bother its just another thing dat got into my mind.
Anyway, i think we must have different days in our live and never go through a repeated day. Then only there will be something that we will be looking forward to every day, every hour, every minute and even every second,rite?Life will only be interesting that way!Therefore Live life the fullest!!!
*got a msg from bolyn saying this : "Dream like u live forever, Live like u goin to die today (live to the fullest)" Thats the perfect sentence to end this post!
However, not going to end yet cause stil got something to say! I got assigments due on this friday and quiz on this friday! Oh My God!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

monday is always blurrie

Yesterday i cannot sleep, how come? i was turning from this side to the other n again for duno how many times, and my eyes is stil widely open!
Since my eyes were still widely open n my mind of cos was fresh n clear. I had alot of thoughts in my mind like : hows my day goin to b when i woke up? my plans on my coming holiday, n blablabla. N of course those thoughts running in my head make things worst. I only get to sleep at about 4 am. To make things even worser i got class at 8 in the morning! GREAT!!!
So did i get up on time?
I woke up at 6.46 and i tell myself dat okay, i can sleep for a while sumore until 7. The next thing that happen is i hear some sound from the cat, the cat so evil la, i dahla got so little sleep n i wan to get a few more minutes of sleep also want to kacau, cis! i was so gerammed n thinking of going downstairs to throw the cat away. Eventually i did not, cause if i do i will never get to sleep...
Somehow i duno wat happen i fell asleep n i suddenly woke up n its 8.10 already! so, guessla wat happen...
Anyway went to class, and i find it really hard to pay attention in class. Finish class n went to curve! n thats my day...
~Nowadays alot of cats la at the jalan belakang. I think the population will bertambah n bertambah dengan very fast, cause the cat just beranak a few days ago in bibik's hse,n yesterday beranak again at the back of my house. I was just thinking, how come the cat din beranak sekaligus wan huh? Can keep n beranak the 2nd time? or thats just another cat? Baby cats look cute but they make alot of noise n mencemarkan my hearing,not good! Or izit the mother cat dat is making the sounds? Nvm, who make the sounds also its from the Cats = Kucing~
i m goin to ganti balik my sleeptime for yesterday...
gdnite ppl

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This blog is ketinggalan zaman,so i decide that i should update this since a few weeks ago,but i did not cause of my laziness.
Finally, today a sunday, the 10th of june two thousand seven i am back here again! *any compliment for me? Nvm i m just being me, SSing!
Let me think,ermm i had left this blog for almost two years and i decided to start blogging here again,y huh? bcos of some reasons la,hehe...
Just now there a lots of thing in my mind that i would like to write,but now my mind is kinda blank,how come? THis can't be! oh my god! Ezen needs help!!!
okay, i will start by talking about my life in the past two years? no, dats too much to write.
forget about that.
I am now in college for about a year already! No more in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Convent Taiping d! That means i leave school for one year plus d! Time flies! Damn, i really miss school alot! i had so much fun in school. And of course i miss my beloved TAIPING too. Nvm TAIPING we will be meeting in a few weeks time. KL is okay, like every other ibu negara, busy city,packed with cars n ppl everywhere. Already one year so i m already used to everything here.
The most important thing that happen in my life for the past two years is dat, i got my driving license on the 20th of january 2006! Which means my license is one year four months + old d!
(on 20/1/2006 ezen shouts: i can drive! i can drive! i can drive! ye!ye! woohoo!)
FYI : i m actually tired of driving now,but stil enjoying driving sometimes. heehee :)
and one more thing my car is my LOVE! hee hee...
Next, go refer to my frenster blog first:
Cause the next thing i m goin to write is the continuation of a few posts from there...
i am happy that i finally found out the truth althoh the truth is kinda shocking, not only to me but also to Jane and Lei3. Its like at last i got the truth after one year?i think. Some ppl out there might think that,"aihyo,so long d know or not know also no difference la cause its all the past". But to me its different, i don't know how to describe, but its like "at last i know this is the truth and things were very much clearer now". Its a relieve to me tho. Another unexpected "event" that i get to experience in my life! Whatever that happen in the past let it be the past, n now just live to the future! Live life the fullest!!!thats the most important thing in life!rite ppl?
i think i m goin to stop here or u ppl will be bored d.