Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday, July 03, 2005


konsert-five..shes wonderful

Saturday, July 02, 2005

behind these hazel eyes

seems like just yesterday..

u were a part of me...

i used to stand so tall..

i used to be so strong..

ur arms around me tight..

everything felt so right..

unbreakable like nothing could go wrong..

now i cant breathe ..

no i cant sleep..

im barely hanging on......

here i am once again...

im torn into pieces..

can't deny it..

can't pretend..

just thonght u were the one..

broken up deep inside..

u wont get to c the tears i cried..

bhind these hazel eyes..


i think evrything is goin to b ok lar..i fell so much better now...heehee...i think i can n i wil get over this very strongly n slowly..slow nvm bt as long as i did it den its ok..
nothing to write lar..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


so today is one quarter bad day...went to sch in da morn as usual bt nt late..stil got scolding from mother cos say i woke up lar..anway i dun care..n den finish sch at 4 bt hav to wait for sister until 4.50..n nw im here writing things..aih..its stil da same..after havin great talk wit my friends...i found out tat ther is stil one more thing tat is actualy i dun care..but to them i must care..anway im not goin to care..i hav to settle this one first.i reli thanked them cos at least there are ppl tat is listening to me..n giv me advice..heehee..i am sure that i will b able to cope n will go thorough this..i dun think tat i have to change..
do i?i don't think so..
i am reli hapy being me...
i think i am already hafway to success..heehee..
i think mayb i will go thorough this n hav a good laugh...heehee..oh my god.n friday is judgement card like so goin to die..but nevermine lar..tats my life wat can i do huh?sumtimes i reli think n i hate myself but den i realise tat i must like myself...y must i hate myself?but i dun like being matter what happen life must stil go one..
so i must b strong..
to face all the thing in life..
n wit tat i must live strong..
n do evrthing tat i want to who heartedly...(is word exist anot??i duno.)


Tuesday, June 28, 2005


this person next her is...marsha she from akademi fantasia(af)..
she got the potential to ac b the next champion..but we must vote for her..da last 2 years the champions were both y dun this time we make this lady over here the some one vote for her!!!!!!!!!dun forget..wait for her n watch her perform in this fifth akademi fantasia concert on this saturday 2/1/2005 at 8.30..p.m..she is goin to sing bassanova(saloma)
remember to vote for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this is the 2nd thing im goin to write right here now..i MUST whole heartedly forget about this thing for once n all always happy n crazy n most of the timehavin fun in sch.n when im back in house i will b in not in trouble lar..but i won b dat crazy anmore...i will b thinkin of sumthing..and now im goin to overcome this for once n all..i must make sure this wont happen to me again in my whole entire lifetime....i hav been in this state for long d..i dont wana b like this not goin to repeat this mistake of mine again..never ever..cos now im torturing myself n i dun wana torture my self anmore...i woke up quite late today...n im almost late to sch..wen i step in to the sch..the prefect did not stop me n smile to im safe..pheww..went to chemi clas the first period of the moody..i start my today with ppl yelling with me..i start my day today badly..aih..sch finish but have to stay back cos got some activities goin on..until like bout 3 sumthing..on da way back..bought laksa haf way...reach home hav da laksa..woohooo..dammmm nice...b on the phone..n next im sitting here writting sumthing..i hope tat i can hav a great day least i can hav fun n smile...i WILL OVERCOME this n i MUST do it...i know i CAN..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesssssssssssssssssssssss...............the next thing is i think da marsha in af is good..she can sing very well..n i think she's the best..


Monday, June 27, 2005

ther she is!!!!!!!!!

she is da one ....


this is da first time im writting something here..i need help..but i im not quite wat kind of help tat i need.i know no one can help me except my always thinking of something tat i dun want to think of..ta thing just keep on coming to my mind..once im free i will think of it.y must this hapen to me..most of the time i just hope tat i wake up the next day n i will forgot of wat happen in the tat i wont b thinking of tat thing over n over again.i know tat it is hard n mayb imposible to not think of tat thing anmore..but nothing is impossible so im goin to make it one on this whole entire world can help me cos no one knows tat im like this now..i kenot be my old self anmore...tat one tat dun hav to worry n always think..alot.i just hope tat i can wake up every day in the morning n go to sch n go thorough the day happily n bahagialy..n hav a nice sleep in da nite..i must do something befor this thing get to b worser..den dat time there will b no cure n it wil b damm hard n imposible for me to turn back at tat is kinda normal to me..woke up..early :(..n went to sch...its hazey...

-zen-27/6/05..4.50 p.m.