Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fire * Api

So, do i know or not? i think i know d.
Anyway no need to know about that d, the next thing...
Fire, what is fire?
in this post today i m going to talk about fire.
This fire i m going to talk about is no ordinary fire,
This fire has some other the imaginary fire in our life
N this fire is happiness n also ...........
Everyone has their own fire, the difference is whether the fire is big or small or dying or bla bla bla...
To me n sum of my friends this fire is important...
The bigger the fire the better it is for us, how to make the fire bigger? hahahaha
la la la =)

Monday, September 24, 2007

i dont know wat i want,
wait..i think i know wat i want,
but wat i want is ; is that too much?
i dont know how to describe my self,
how could i do this to myself?
how can i not understand myself?
i thot i shud b understanding myself deeper than everything,
n more than anyone else do...
But y is this happening to me?
Do i know or Do i not know?




Tuesday, September 11, 2007

nothing to say

Had been holidaying for the past two months..
My holiday is goin to end in a few weeks time...
How i wish my holiday will be forever!!!! =)
In my dreams that will be!
I had been thinking of wat i will want to do after i graduate,n i got beautiful plans.
But for now i will keep that in my mind, n will only bring that out after i finish my studies, n thats another three more years...
My life right now is taiping, taiping n more taiping...N i hope that taiping n taiping n more taiping will forever be in my life!