Thursday, July 24, 2008


The reason for my depressing is just small matter,n will be gone soon.
I've got no class today,so its just a whole day of doing nothing.

  • Woke up late.
  • Online a while.
  • Mandi.
  • Go out.
  • Send my car to wash.
  • Lunched at Sedap.
  • Walked abit.
  • Go Home.
  • Mahjonged a while.
  • Discovered that something might wrong with my laptop.
  • Dinnered at home.
  • Watched Teevee.
  • Now Onlining.
Thats what i did the wholeday,N its not nothing. I feel very happy that my car is now Clean, n is Shinning, n its dust free for one day at least. Although i know by tomorrow my car will again be covered with dust again,with the ever so polluted air here. So, from today onwards i Tan e-Zen will water my car at least once a week and make sure my car is washed once every fortnight. Wash every week, later pocket berlubang. Back to how clean is my car, i drove home happily after my car is so clean,park n came down,then i went to look at the front of my car,konon2nya wan to admire my car,n i see bird shits! Why of all cars,the bird shit on my car! Cis, burung Bodoh! Takpe, aku sabar...I then Clean my car, wiped away all the shits! My car is again clean.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am depressed, am i? I don't Know, I am Not kot.
Ok, Confirm i am no more depressed Kot.
Nevermine, I dont feel depressed at this moment.

I seriously got nothing to blog, NOTHING at all.
Actually theres is something,but i havent finished yet, n Dont know will i ever finished it anot.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

as usual

mid terms. mid terms. coming after me!
and here am i. heehee, so if u want to read my blog(dat also if got ppl read), u know when to come.
Times when my midterms is coming, exams coming, assignments dueing, n when finals sumore menarik...That is when i will blog blog blog.

Memang amat malasnya saya untuk mengulang kaji sekarang, dan sampai sekarang saya masih tidak tahu, bila baru akan saya insaf. Saya tidak mahu menghampakan diri saya, dan yang paling penting saya tidak mahu menghampakan ibu bapa saya.

Saya perlu diselamatkan, tetapi tidak ada sesiapa pun yang bisa selamatkan saya kecuali diri saya sendiri. Sejak kebelakangan ini saya memang tidak dapat apa untuk diblog,kerana otak saya kosong bagai sekeping kertas putih. Sekeping kertas putih, yang diminta untuk dituliskan sesuatu, tetapi tulisannya tak sampai sampai.
Dengan itu saya menamatkan utusan saya kali ini.
Selamat Tinggal,semoga berjumpa lagi. Moga2 saya insaf.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Everything is okay for the mean time n now lets hope that everything will be alright forever!

I so so can't wait for misi to happen.. hehe


Sunday, July 06, 2008

empat jam,enam minit

Its now four o six and i m awake blogging.
I am still here blogging when there is something else that i should be doing.
No,not to sleep,but to work work work on my assignment.
I slept for almost the wholeday,n that is why i am not sleeping now.
N i have to wake up in the morning tomorrow,late morning pun jadi, not noon or later than that!
I better go sleep...

I know i mentioned this before, but i just have to do that again until i know that its alright, so...

p/s : Lets hope n hope n hope that everything will be alright.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

kegatalan tangan

i m now doing my assignment.
So,what m i doing here?
haha,just dropping by to post a post cos my hand gatal want to blog abit.
cis, bedebah me rite? so lazy doing assignment also must pass by...
So, bye...

p/s : Lets hope n hope everything will be alright =)