Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

I woke up quite late today,n after having my breakfastlunch...
Finally i did something! i mean a few things...
Mizen suggested that she want to help me wash my car,so i say okay!since someone is going to help me n my car is like super super dirty,i had to scrub my car a few times.
I shampooed the car for the first time n rinse it,n then have to shampoo the car again n rinse again to make sure that my car will be clean. Mizen vacuumed the inside of the car n the carpets! So this time was cleaning the car thoroughly,inside n outside,complete la! I think i spend about two hours cleaning my car,thats long! n oh, when i was rinsing my car with water using the hose, i was rinsing the windows n theres bright sun,so water n the sun n i Got Rainbow on my window n on my car! =) Its been quite some time since i see one.
N while Mizen was vacuuming,i went to my room n changed the bed sheet, comforter sheet n etc, n washed them! I just put them into the washing machine.
In my whole entire life,Just last year i knew how to operate the washing machine,n i find it is something fun to do. The washing machine makes washing clothes easy n simple, Just dump ur clothes into it press a few button, put the detergent n close the cover,n just wait for an hour or so i guess, then hang the clothes outside n let it dry n done! I m writing this as if no one else knows that but me,But in fact most of u ppl know about this,n i might sound stupid n lame, but i like to write,so...
The timing for everything is like perfect,i finished cleaning my car, the washing machine is finished with the bedsheet n etc, so i hang them outside to let it dry. Then i went upstairs n rearrange my books n got a few space to put my books. See...haha..this is effort from yours truly here, i havent watch prison break the wholeday kay,i sacrifice that to do all this,u know...Its not easy cause i m kinda addicted to prison break u see...n SO --->
This is some achievement for me! ! !
In my last post there is this reasons n excuses i gave myself for not blogging ,n there is this
"I've got alot of things to do,some done some havent! n they are :"
I m going to update that today since i did something d!

-Watching Prison Break S1 n 2
-Watch Prison Break s3 until whichever episode i got.
- Finish making Li xuan's birthday card.
- Change bedsheet n bla bla...N wash them!
- Cny shopping,Went shopping with s.pyng n hwa on friday. N Got some tops n bottoms but still want to buy more! i wish i got more, more n more money!
- Sleeping.
- Wash my Car,as in clean thoroughly!
- Arrange my books,n find more space to keep my books.
- Dreaming n thinking.
- Rearrange my clothes in the cupboard.(that would hardly happen)
- I m just too tired to blog.Tired from college n shopping.

Those in Reds are the future n blue past n purple mix of both..n this time its more blue than red!hahaha...
My pride! n Joy! for finally doing something,after delaying for a few weeks...n one more important thing : See, i m blogging! i updated my blog too! How happy can i be,ha? Very happy , happiness is in the air since a few days ago, n now more happiness !
=) =) =) =) =) =) =)
now,hows that to show my happiness??? ha? ha? ha? hehe...

n now i m hungry,got to go eat...

One more thing, i realized something,i m now using alot of but in my blog,wonder y?

Reasons n Excuses that i gave myself

Day after day since my last post i wanted to blog,
N the delay is because theres just so many other reasons n excuses i gave myself for not blogging.I know delay also nvm cause not much ppl is reading this,but u know wat?i m delaying myself.
Even now when i m posting this,there is still other things that i have to do,but i decided to update my blog first!
See...this is effort from me.
For the past two weeks i had been watching prison break, thats one of the reason i have not been blogging. I know i m super ketinggalan for prison break, cause that series existed one or two years back,but i just started watching it recently. Few years back when everyone was talking about prison break i am like duno wats happening n just listen,n did not want to watch, just dun care la!
Ejane is like super crazy about prison break cause shes watching it again n again. N i was just thinking what is this,crazy until like dat? what so great about prison break? (at that time i havent watch yet n did not plan to do so) Until one day...
When i m back to KL a few weeks ago, when college is starting...
I saw this Prison Break Dvd on top of the Dvd player,my uncle just started watching s1. N the next weekend he was watching n i see abit,n decided to watch prison break. N once i started i just could not stop! So now i know What is so great about prison break! The suspenseness/kancheongness( i know there is no such word in english but i duno whats the word,so just bear with me) in this series is just .....i duno what to say about it.
When every episode ends,u just want more n more n more.So now i know y ejane can be so crazy over it! I get to watch s1 n 2 continuously, it is actually a good thing that started watching prison break later,cause i dun have to bear with the kancheongness as long as those ppl that have too. N currently watching s3,but sadly i dont have the whole season yet,so have to bear the kancheongness this time,n i bet i can hardly remember what happen before when i get to watch the rest of s3. When u watch prison break continuously,u will be thinking of PB continuously,ppl that do watch PB agree with me? i even dreamed of PB.
There are still other reasons and excuses for me not blogging,
I've got alot of things to do,some done some havent! n they are :
-Watching Prison Break S1 n 2
-Watch Prison Break s3 until whichever episode i got.
- Finish making Li xuan's birthday card.
- Change bedsheet n bla bla...N wash them!
- Cny shopping,Went shopping with s.pyng n hwa on friday. N Got some tops n bottoms but still want to buy more! i wish i got more, more n more money!
- Sleeping.
- Wash my Car.
- Arrange my books,n find more place to keep my books.
- Dreaming n thinking.
- Rearrange my clothes in the cupboard.(that would hardly happen)
- I m just too tired to blog.Tired from college n shopping.
Those in Reds are the future n blue past n purple mix of both...n theres more red than blue n i dont know y is there so much delaying in things that i should do! Laziness should be the answer!These r just reasons n excuses i gave myself.Read if u want to n just don't if u don't want to.I know that doesn't really mean anything cause if u r reading, this is already the ending part,not meaning rite?but i like =)
I am in a happy mood this few days, n the stress period havent started yet but going to soon,cause next week is week four of this semester, which means assignments n quizzes coming soon! soon! soon! I guess that is kinda fair,cause i had been relaxing for three weeks d,but no i want more relaxing time,at least until after CNY, i know i m not too much asking for that! hahaha,but no never going to happen theres a quiz waiting for me the week of cny,but luckily its open book so this lecturer is good,hehe...After CNY is critical cause mid terms! quiz! test! assignment! n the list goes on....
Its 3 something in the morning,u see i sacrificed watching prison break for this,this is real effort of mine!n i m ending here...
done n out!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

shitty shitty day

Today was shitty!
Everything was not right!
I woke up in the morning n was kinda late, So i rush a lil n i m ready.
I walk to my car that is just right in front of the gate of my house,
i went into the car, started the engine, and the windows were all blurred because of mistsss...
Nevermind i will turn on the windscreen wiper to clear that, n i start to reverse the car n i heard BUMP,oh shit! i hit my neighbor's car... N so i went out of the car to check on the effects from the hit.
Fuh.....Luckily just a scratch on my neighbor's car and i check on my car like nothing only...But actually theres a small tiny scratch after i look closer later.
So i m kinda relief, n quickly get into the car to drive to college.
This is a shitty shitty way to start my day!
While i was driving i was thinking, sure tough luck for me to change my tutorial class d wan, Just wake up already something bad so sure bad wan...But wait..maybe because of this bad thing that happen early in the morning i will get something good in return,but that is just a piece of shit in my head, Cause in the end i didnt get to change my classes n have to stay till five fking thirty! n i did not ask also la,but if i ask also no use cause i wont get so y waste my energy?argh!
How sad is that? n it is going to be like this for twelve more week! I m going to college from 8 to 5.30 thats terrible!
Desperation does lead me to something but ends with nothing!
bah! Forget about that n just face the fact that i must stay till five fking thirty on tuesdays for twelve more weeks cos thats my FATE!
After reaching college i took the bus to block a ( thats were my classes are,n i duno why must HELP U.C. be divided into a few parts) n climb up the stairs to level four n mck! that level is locked, y la the people din open the door? So i ended up sitting by the stairs waiting for some people to open the door, n the hall is locked n they cannot open n have to wait again...i m tired of this waiting!aiyoh,cannot not make ppl wait wan meh?eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Nevermind finally got into class n after class is the tutorial thingy i dun wan to repeat!
N i went in to another class n another n i got break n hav to wait till 4 n 5 something finish class! Finally!!!
Came home and after eating dinner n all, Today is not dat shitty after all, Just the beginning shitty ending no more shitty...hehe
oh,n i got frozen food which my mum cook all the way from Taiping =)
i m addicted to prison break...
n i got to go sleep...
Gdnite ppl =)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flashback on 2007

So,here i am, i m going to Flashback on 2007.
ermm...where should i start?
I m sure in a year there must be alot to flashback on, nvm i will just mention those that i remember.
-I changed my course from psychology to business,i hope thats a correct decision,anway i think it should be. N because of the sudden change of course i got three months holiday,n of course i spend the holidays in beloved Taiping!~actually the holiday is like wasting time,but nvm cos wat i got is time =)
- Two of my cousin sister got married.
- I got some things cleared, things that made me super confused n in 2007 those had been cleared! if i m not wrong i think things were cleared in the beginning of middle of 2007. So thats good, cause at last i can let my mind be free once again.
- I went for a holiday with my family at the end of 2007. We went to China n Hong Kong! N the weather was super cold in China but thats a good experience!
- I am a year older n wiser ~i think,hehe..
- Got some new found hobbies,if u read my blog u will know what it is.
and that is just what i remembered..
its rather short,but what to do thats the most my brain can produce, i was also quite surprised that my flashback on 2007 was short cos i cannot really remember, nevermind if i happen to remember more then i will add it in.
*see u all in my next post,
please come again tq =)

Friday, January 11, 2008

2008 first..

Happy New Year all =)
I know i m late but its just 11, So its just the 11th day of the year.
N so, i consider the year is still new.New year resolutions? Dun have any. To me its just the beginning of a year n a year ended. New year is not a big hu-ha for me, but Chinese New Year i m sure there is. Last time i do think that New Year is a big thing, but once u grow older u just realize that new year is going to happen every year(unless u r like no going to be in this world den different la), n the 1st of January is just like any other day. I guess i m no more the kid i am. Its a fact that everyone will grow older every year, but u know what? I am still young at heart!haha. Actually i love being a kid ;
no worries,
dunno anything,
just do whatever u feel like doing n if its something wrong den kena la, n after that "kena" session u will forget everything like nothing nice!
I think i once wrote that i like doing things a kid get to do. N i miss my childhood. What i actually miss most was staying at my Ama's house and staying in Gerik with my uncles n aunties n cousins during school holidays. But now no more going back to Gerik cause they are all in Taiping. Staying in Gerik was like so long ago! U know what? Taiping is better =)
Enough of my childhood.
Now,since i do not have any resolutions, i would like to do a flashback on 2007.

to be continue...
please come back for the continuation,ya =)