Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A bit of here n there???

I am a little bit sick, a little bit blur, and a little bit not blur. So what am i now?
A little bit of everything.
For the past few days that i had not been blogging, i had been thinking of what to blog!
and did i get anything? yes, i did. But there are too much thoughts and all are scattered in the great mind of mine, So i cannot put them in words yet, still have to organize my thoughts first.

Give me a few moments,
n i will be able :
to blog what i wanted to blog...
to say what i want to say...

So, till then...

wait..got pictures.

two only la.

Friday, May 16, 2008


This post is going to be about my friend Nadya(heres a link to her blog). Told her i m goin to blog bout her, so here it is...

She is Nadya or Mumu or 'nad-yah' given by our addmath teacher.
I first met her when i was in form 5 n that was 2005, she came from Penang.
She is this new girl in class where everyone was like, WAH, ada budak baru masuk kelas kita!
No la, we were not so jakun as if we were in primary schools. Everyone was like hyeing here n there to here. N she is quite friendly, n she look soft and diam diam. But when i get to know her she is as krazy as she can be. She can also be loud sometimes and she is not the diam diam type. Whatever it is, she is a GREAT friend of mine.
We keep on talking in class, n i remember she got this cat she sayang very much and if i m not wrong her cat's name is Oshiey.(duno correct or wrong the spelling)
I duno wat stories we keep on talking about la, but we got alot of stories to talk about wan,Or more like gossiping.
Oh, n she is very good in music n she is doing music now after spm. all the best to her!
She is a very dahsyat drive last time, la but now okay d kot.
She moved back to penang d, after spm so we can only meet once in a while.
I think i m going to meet her tomoro, if she is free or if she can escape.

This is her.
Very big eyes she got.

To Nadya,
See, i blog bout u! U bangga anot? haha
Actually this is abit copy u wan, just copy the format ly but the contents different!
Sumore i write all good good wan, happy anot?

-The End-

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kepanasan yang memBARA-BARA

Hari ini, saya akan berbahasa Malaysia, kerana sebagai seorang anak Taiping, kita kena kerap menggunakan bahasa malaysia!
Setelah sekian lama saya tidak menggunakan bahasa malaysia dalam penulisan, saya harap saya masih boleh berbahasa Malaysia.

Hari ini adalah hari yang paling panas sepanjang masa saya berada di Taiping.
Saya telah mengalami kepanasan yang membara bara hari ini, dan hampir masak di dalam kereta.
Pagi tadi penyaman udara di dalam kereta yang saya guna itu masih berfungsi dengan baik, tetapi entah kenapa tengah hari tadi, penyaman udara itu seperti sudah gila. Udara yang keluar dari ia cuma sikit sejuk,Ia seperti tidak boleh sampai ke saya jadi saya kena letak muka saya di hadapan penyaman udara itu untuk menghayati udara sejuk kerana saya terlalu panas di dalam kereta dan tidak boleh menahan kepanasan itu lagi. Jika tidak berbuat demikian, kemungkinan besar saya akan pengsan di dalam kereta!
Bukan itu sahaja, tangan dan kaki saya yang terkena pancaran sang matahari itu hampir masak! Masak! masak! Masak!
Saya langsung tidak boleh buka mata saya hari ini apabila berdepan dengan sang Matahari yang terik menerik itu!
Bayangkan betapa panasnya hari ini.
Sangat2 panas dan saya berasa hendak memotong rambut saya kerana sangat PANAS!
Kepanasan yang membara bara tetapi malangnya tiada kebaraan api kebahagiaan.

This is pointless, Just Ignore!

This few nights,i log in to blogger and wanted to blog. Sometimes i even started typing a few sentences but eventually i stopped and did not post anything.
Everyday i have thoughts of what to blog about.
So,Theres a lot that i want to blog about, but when i started typing any post, all those thoughts on what to blog just disappear. Maybe i should jot down my thoughts, so that i can blog.
But the thing is i wont eh. aih...

What are my thoughts? Where does all my thoughts go?
i just cannot get back my thoughts. I cannot even remember them!
This is not a good sign.
I cannot blog like how i did last time anymore.
Last time my posts are quite long,now short like duno wat!
I want to make it long but i just cannot! Even that long post tak jadi just one almost long nia.
My mind is blank! Blank! Blank!
How can this happen?
Nowadays, my post are just complains n complains.
N most of it are pointless, post yang tiada hala tuju.
but wait,this is my blog i can just do whatever i want with it!
So, whats this post about then? No point la. Just ignore this!

i hope i can next post will be one with hala tuju.
n tersusun too.

Monday, May 12, 2008

selamat tinggal

This post is dedicated to eejane @ JN. She is my krazy and great friend.
She leave Taiping,Perak,Malaysia today.
Krazy times were the super fun times!

To eejane @ JN,

  • Tahniah! Bunga ungu anda telah mekar!
  • Keep the fire burning no matter where you are! Which i know u will!
  • Lets work harder to collect more woods!
  • Remember our mission!
  • Thanks for everything!
  • I will be looking forward for more krazy days to come!
  • Don't miss siang malam Kopi Oh too much!
  • Selamat Tinggal dan jumpa lagi bila kita berjumpa!
  • Sementara itu,kita berjumpa di MSN sajala...

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I m facing this screen n thinking of what to blog about.
This is because no kopi oh for me tonite! therefore,my mind is not creative and imaginative tonite!
So this post will be as short as it is.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Long Post yang Tak Jadi

I was looking through my older post and they r quite long,so i am making this a long post.
But u know what? I don't know what to blog about, n still want to blog n make this a long post.

I was chatting with Sher Lyn, my friend since kindergarten. We were talking about how our life had change or more to how we have changed? Its like this, sometimes we sensed or felt that something about us have changed but we just don't know what is it. However, time will let us think about it n we will somehow find out about it. But some of it, just forgotten, once forgotten forever gone! Sometimes i will just sit down n think about my life, what am i now? n how was i before? Most of the time i just cannot answer myself. But why? wonder about life rite? n why? compare the past me n the present me? Cause nothing will change things that already happened rite? but i Can't help it but to think n think n think about my life. N after the thinking sessions most of the time i will discover something about life, which is good or bad? More to the good i think. N so i should let my mind explore n wonder more.

Its now 1.40 in the morning n my mind is functioning not quite right.
I drank Kopi Oh in Siang Malam justnow, but that is not what that is causing me to still be awake. Its me myself that is reluctant to sleep.Then when i wake up late the next day i will be blaming myself for not waking up early. Sometimes i just wonder what kind of human am i? but every human is unique and different in their own way. So i m just what i am no matter what i am, every human being should be accepted as what they are. I think caffeine makes my thinking creative and imaginative and also abit smarter!

i m Trying to make this long but its obvious i tak berjaya.Not Long Enough!
Nevermine, i will make it berjaya next time.
N my back hurts for
1) sitting on the bed with the laptop on my lap.
2) sitting the meditation sitting position with the laptop on a pillow on the bed.
I was in those two positions since 11 something p.m. Which is for about 2 and the half n more hours.

*i was wondering how come no green in this post?so heres the bit of green in this post.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Ku petik bintang,
Untuk kau simpan,
Cahayanya tenang,
Berikan kau perlindungan.

Benarkah yang bintang boleh memberikan perlindungan?
Dan jika ia memang benar, aku ingin petik bintang untuk diriku sendiri.
Aku tak tau apa yang aku tengah merepek, tetapi yang aku tau, aku nak petik bintang!!!
Apakah sebenarnya warna bintang? Agaknya ada tak bintang yang berwarna hijau?
Bintang Hijau! Di mana bintang hijau??? ke bintang itu cuma adalah cahaya?
Aku memerlukan perlindungan bintang, dan juga perlindungan untuk menyemarakkan api!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Doughnut / Donut story

Aku berjaya...
I made Donut yesterday! n we succeeded, =)
The process of making the donut was quite long. The time we waited for the donut to rise before frying it was like never ending.
First we mix the flour n yeast n water, n after the dough gets dry then we started shaping the donut, quite fun n theres some technique to shape the donut! Then wait for the donuts to rise, then fry n
The Donuts not that perfect, but for first timers not bad la.
We top the donuts with glaze and chocolate rice and nuts.
Thats the end of doughnut / donut story...