Wednesday, December 09, 2009

after a while.

I am home..for a while now.
Yes,i am as happy as i can be by just being in Taiping..
But inside i am really really worried, of my results n etc..n i had been thinking alot.
Does growing older make u think more? I think yes. Somehow, we aged we will become more serious eventho we don't want to,or most of the time we dun realize, but we do aged we do become more serious. I may be childish at times, be crazy at times, but the me now will know when to be serious n when not to be serious, although people might still think that i am un-serious.
Recently i realize something, that i am really impatience..
But everything in my life now is about patience,almost everything that is happening now requires me to be patience, which i have no choice of other than to be patience, maybe thats y i had been behaving really impatience when i drive,channeling everything to my driving..
 Of course i want to be a kid all my life, no worries, nothing..But we all know, we will grow older, from a baby to a toddler to a kid to a teen and den an adult n then grow old..As we grow our responsibilities grows as well..

After the storm, after the rain,there will be rainbow n does it mean after a crisis everything will be good again?