Saturday, July 28, 2007


i m going to prepare for mizen's party!
that means i m going to cook! wonder how will everything turn out to be?
haha...should be okay, its not as if i dont know.
Sumore cook abit only!
Will blog about that later!
Gotta go out n buy what i need!
bubye ppl!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

nothing much & Taiping Lake Garden

Seriously, i really dont know what to blog!
I m on holiday so, that might be the reason for me not knowing wat to blog!
Or maybe its because nothing much had happen?
But nothing much ke? alot of thing ke? still tpg is the best!
Why is on holiday make me duno wat to blog? It is because usually people who are on holiday will have this holiday mood. What kind of mood does the holiday mood portray? Usually people will be restless, lazy, doing nothing n just enjoy, relax n bla bla bla...
So thats y la, how can a person that is restless,lazy n bla bla bla know wat to blog? rite?
N if i blog about what happen everyday also, i know u people will be super bored!
So better think of something else than that to blog,rite?

Taiping Lake Garden is the best place to be around!
Those that had been there would know how beautiful that place is, i get to pass by lake garden everyday, can u imagine how bahagia is dat for me?heeheehee =)
People that had been there will know!
i will post the picture of beautiful Taiping Lake Garden when i get the picture!
Soon but not sure when!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today = Sunday!
Sunday is the day where most of us take our time to do things that we want to. No rushing, no school...Sunday is a holiday. To most of us Sunday is the day for us to relax!
To me, Sunday is like every other day cause i m on holiday!!!heeehee...
But abit different,cause my parents at home n everything is usually slower on a Sunday!
Seriously, i dont know what to write,dats y i come out with sunday!
This one will be about my sunday since i duno wat to write...
Woke up at about 9 this morning.
My ulcers still hurts. The oralpress or oralpaste of watever its name is not working good!
I think i better go n get oral aid! Cause really pain when i eat!
Then send mizen to tuition, buy breakfast den went home.
My parents sent lixuan to Ipoh, and came back after i reach home.
Was supposed to pick up mizen at 11,but she came back earlier,dun have to fetch her.
She was sick, sent her to the clinic.
Buy Lunch and went home.
Take my bath and went to the police station with my mother.
Made a report.
Then went to my ama house.
Went back home n went out for lunch.
Then got back home, and sit in the house doing nothing...n now here i am blogging about my wonderful Sunday.
Later might go to sportlite if ther is no rain...
N there goes my Sunday!
No matter how bored i am in taiping!
Being in Taiping is still the best =)
Spending time is Taiping is always fun!
n thats all for today....
bubye ppl!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Havent been blogging for the past almost 2 weeks, because of my laziness n the modem in my house keep on disconnecting. That really mengeramkan me!!!damm!
but nevermine,as if i will blog if the connection is good! ha! But since i m so free now i shud b blogging, i will BLOG!
For the past almost 2 weeks there are a few happenings...
I went to the hospital, and realised some things...
I am actually not malang, i m actually kinda lucky n shud b thankful of wat i have...
I m thankful for wat i have now!
Some coincidences happened, unexpected incident happen! n those are goods one at last!
After those coincidences, i realise that my life is not that malang n berobstacle after all! heehee...
N i will not give up! Life is full with obstacles, without those then life will be dull! I m going to just accept watever that is happening in my life! Not gonna complain that i m malang or wat so ever!
I had three ulcers in my mouth! pain! pain! pain!
Suddenly stopped n go browse thru frenster n now i duno wat to write! My mind is blocked!
Fine nvm,will blog next time!
something for someone special : cheer up :)

-people i need ur help! please visit my blog more! i will update!!!
thankq! =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I m now back in Taiping...
Before i blog about Taiping, i will blog about Thursday first.
I was so excited for Thursday to come, why am i excited?
1) exam finishing!
2) i m going back to taiping.
3) the most important wan the patience plan!
So did anything happen on that day?
Lets start from the morning...
I woke up at around 6 sumthing,and got ready...Cannot be late cause exams is at 8!
I think that day was the day dat i woke up the earliest in KL!
Went to college,n reach there quite early...Have to wait for the main block bus cause too early bus not yet start berjalan...
Then got there n revise abit n its 8 n went in to take my exam!
two hours after dat i finished my exam!
That was the moment that i had been waiting for! I was very happy..
but something put me down! but its okay! The "patience" thingy at last..nothing happen cause....aih
But i believe when there is a will there is a way! So, i will make dat happen!!! altho its going to long to make that happen! but i will cause i believe in my self!!!
That was a huge disappointment but i WILL NOT GIVE UP!
I am prepared for the worst so Ezen is NOT GOING TO GIVE UP!
That is just a disappointment, its just a small obstacle for me !!!
It doesnt matter how long will it take for me to make dat happen! i wont give up!
At least now i know the surface ad! thanks to joanne beckham!heehee...
After that i drove back to tpg, all d way! Tiring, backache and all la. Thats y din blog on thursday...
Now lets talk about taiping...
Taiping is great like always. Rain n rain...The weather today is so sun! Its so cold outside! So nice! Lake Garden is beautiful like always...Everything is great here!
Its a great place to relax n for me to spend my holidays here. But if got nagging den aih...
But now stil okay! So i m very happy now, its just great to be back in taiping.The foods.the people.Gotta go! will update gain tomoro!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


One more paper to go n thats it,i m done for semester number four. But wait...How do i feel? That i will write about on thursday? Last weekend i was so excited for monday to come so that i can finish the first two paper fast n move nearer to thursday. But i was not excited when i finished my second paper on monday, i feel nothing just blank. Its as if it doesnt matter anymore. I had some thoughts at that moment, i was thinking how will my life be in my future? How is it going to b like when i start the business dgree? What will happen when i graduate? What will i do? Those thoughts flooded my mind for a moment... Thats not the feeling i expect to had after finishing two papers, i should be happy n excited n relieved n blablabla, u know the usual ezen! But this time its different, i wonder why? I really dun know why suddenly those thoughts hit me! hit ezen u know, the usual ezen wont think of these thing, its just i wil live my life now, who cares wat happen in the future? But dis year suddenly the future hit me,y? Mayb thats sumthing to hit me n make me think of the future not the present only! Its like whoahh... Mayb thats just some process to make me more mature..heehee

After that moment, i am back to my normal self, i am happy n a lil relieved that there is only one more paper to go,but stil not dat excited as i was before! i hope that i will b as excited as i was on thursday! I didnt EAT before i finish my exams,dats so unbelivable, so after that i went to visit joanne beckham n had lunch with her, n of course discuss about the "patience" for thursday..hehe..I stil cannot make up my mind yet!

Nowadays, i realise i will think very hard before i make a decision! think of the consequences n all. That is good i know,but thats a very different me, yes i do think last time but i wont think so hard like i do now. Mayb its because i've learnt my lesson from a super duper bad experience! Its so unexpected!Its like will be more careful the next time! But i m happy that i know the truth now,n i can let go and just leave evrything behind! i m very proud of myself for that. hehe...

Its one sumthing am,lets talk about yesterday dats tuesday, the weather damm hot. Even at nite its so warm, omg whats happening?I hope tpg is not like this! I cannot even sit in the couch n watch tv peacefully,cause its so warm n i was sweating n sweating! Even the fan's speed is the high its still so warm, the wind is hot the air is hot!!! but luckily there is sumthing called air-con in this world. Without it i think i die of extreme-hotness! I went swiming cause its so hot, but after swiming, its even hotter right after i shower i was all sweating d. Can u ppl imagine how how is the weather? N even after i showered, the smell of the clorine still stays,imagine how much clorine those ppl put inside the pool. omg, the smell is so unbearable! ok ppl just ignore my complains...gotta go or i will complain more n make this shitter!
bubye ppl...