Monday, November 02, 2009

hope n magic

Sunday as usual.But i think days that i hav no classes is the same to me as sundays.
No more class till next year, only exams to go..
four paper n holiday till semester starts again next year. i know i will enjoy my holiday eventhough by just sitting at home or walking around taiping.

i had been bloggin everyday for the past two days,kan. But all also bull shit, i actually duno what to blog but i log in to blogger n click new post just to want to blog la. But then when the thing is in front of me i got nothing to blog already, my life is not interesting n i duno,what else. But this fews days i think its the exam thing that is making me really good at bullshitting on my blog.

So i was thinking,How come people can blog everyday, everyday also got something to blog about, all those top blogger will blog once a days or at least a few days once they will not abandon their blog for like a week the most i think. N thats what they do, they blog blog n earn money, not little but alot.. So back to my thought, how come people can blog everyday? n my friend answered me, its like how u can sleep so much in a day? Like that la. Ohh,like that isit. but i actually sleep alot only when i m here. But when i m in Taiping i feel that sleeping is wasting my time, taking a nap in the afternoon is a NO NO no matter how tired i am, unless i really really cannot open my eyes till cannot walk faint n all la. I will utilized the time i have in taiping to the MAX, if people say gold is precious,time is gold. To me time in taiping is more more more precious than gold.

Yes its always about taiping n taiping n taiping. But time that had already pass will never come back. Whatever that had bypass will not come back, we cannot turn back time. That is why people always say let the past be the past, cause u really cannot do anything about it anymore, n future is the one that we r looking forward into. How i wish i can turn back time, n i would had make alot of decisions differently, n handle situations i wish, but time cannot turn back also nevermine, cause the really important n meaningful thing in my life.. i had already knew whatever it is, and i had already got whatever i want, and its all a lesson not only a lesson but its really something that make me truly realise...Expect the unexpected.. I never ever thought that all of that would turn out the way it is now. N never ever thought that,all of i found out latter is what actually happen n not what i had been believing all along.

I had already given up hope, to me all that had happen was meant to be i cannot do anything more, just accept whatever that had happened, i feel too stupid too dumb n i dun even have the courage to have hope anymore, i kept telling myself not to hope, no matter how much my heart wants to hope that, all is not true, and its all just a bad bad dream. i force myself to not even have a lil eensy weensy bit of hope,n i just push everything aside n just live everday n just let time make me get used to it,n i had given up hope..
But but but at the end, when i least expected, its when all the magic happens =)
a miracle that i thought will never happen..n it did, i found miracle..i am thankfull really..

Betapa ezen rasa syukurnya, hanya tuhan tahu..Betapa bahagianya hati ezen, hanya tuhan tahu.. Semuanya tidak dapat diluahkan dalam kata kata..Semuanya terlalu indah, cuma orang orang yang bertuah akan merasainya..

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